Weekend Fun!

I had a super busy weekend. It was busy enough that I’ll have to break this into two blog posts!! Saturday morning I was up early and going. I knew family was coming later in the day but I still wanted to accomplish something. So I was to the post office and off to the nursery to get my plants.

My daughter Kalissa and her husband Craig had stuff they wanted to do to get ready for their son Anders’ baptism on Sunday so I ended up taking Carver and Gannon. Gannon was in a mood and didn’t want to be in this picture so he ran away thinking he was far enough away to not get in the picture. HA!!

I started planting my flowers as my garden wasn’t tilled yet. I buy the majority of my plants at the same nursery I always use. They are a small nursery and start many of their own plants so I need to go there when the plants are there as there will not be a big semi-load of new plants coming in. When the plants are gone, they are gone.

After I got about half of the flower plants transplanted my son Buck came with his three kiddos. He was in a “help mom Mother’s Day mode” and I took advantage of that.

He fixed my tiller and tilled the vegetable garden. YAHOO!! That was awesome. I had called and asked to hire someone to till it but they hadn’t gotten there yet. I was able to cancel them. That was great.

You might remember that my son Buck adopted my foster dog Spot. When he and the kids came, Spot came too!! Izzy had the best time with him. He ran and chased around. He really is a great dog.

Now that Spot isn’t a foster, we can do all the things I wanted to do when he was here as a foster…the main thing…Let him free off leash. I was pretty confident he would do fine off-leash and he does. Buck said that whenever they are outside and he’s there, he lets him be off-leash.

Spot was able to chase after Izzy and they ran and ran. When Spot wasn’t running he was about 10 feet away from Buck. Where Buck is, Spot is. At one point over the weekend, Buck and my son Karl left to do an errand together and Spot looked everywhere for him. He was upstairs and then downstairs trying to find him. Then he realized Buck was gone and started pacing and whining. He’s really Buck’s dog and just loves Buck. It’s so nice to see.

I did get my flowers planted. WHEW. The garden is more work to plant than the planters but having at least one of them done is a good accomplishment.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my plants and what I do for them to keep them looking so nice. I’ll do a separate blog post about that. Hopefully, I can to that post tomorrow-ish maybe. Soon anyway.

While Buck was tilling the garden I made the decision to dig these hostas out. I’ve had them there for several years. Every year at around Mid-August, the edges of the leaves just curl up and the edges all turn brown. They get too much sun here.

I dug them up and thought I would put them on the curb and give them away. Before I did I sent a message in Messenger to my kids and it turns out, Karl wanted them. I just left them in the wheelbarrow for him to wheel to his house. He only lives four houses away so that was convenient.

Kalissa and Craig came back and by then I had supper, homemade pizza, ready for everyone.

Then we were back outside and everyone was playing again. Kalissa knows I love pictures with the grandkids so she tried to set things up for a picture. It didn’t go the best. Gannon was in a bad mood about pictures and Anders wouldn’t look.

Left to right are Buck’s kids, Lucy, Lilly, and Scotty…then Kalissa’s kids Carver, Gannon, and Anders. I’m in the back trying to cheer Gannon up. It didn’t work. HA!

Shortly after this Kalissa’s family went home.

I started a batch of Raspberry Cream Cheese rolls…I actually made two batches. You can find the recipe HERE. I needed them for Anders baptism reception that we were having the next day after church services.

Karl stayed and while the dough was rising we played one game of Ticket to Ride with Buck. Then Craig came back and we played another game.

Buck got all the kids to bed…wow, It was a busy day that turned into a busy night. The last batch of rolls came out of the oven at 10:15 pm. It was about then that I remembered I hadn’t pressed the baptismal gown yet. I put that out of the ironing board vowing to get up early and iron it in the morning.

I had already set my alarm for 6:15 am. I had to get myself ready and then help with the kids. I planned on braiding both of the girls’ hair.

It was a busy day but a really fun day. I’ll tell you about the baptism tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Weekend Fun!”

  1. I love the look on Gannon’s face! When he’s older, and sees that photo, he will laugh. He actually makes the photo more interesting!

  2. You mentioned the raspberry rolls and I had to go back and check them out. It’s a good thing that my oven doesn’t work. All of the recipes that you’ve shown for the sweets, I’d be making. Since I live alone and have no will-power at all, I’d double my weight in no time. Thanks for sharing and don’t stop with the recipes. I can dream.

  3. Another fun weekend with the family and you still accomplished planting, making meals and baking rolls. You really rock! Picture with kids is good in spite of two little boys with attitudes, well Gannon had attitude, but Anders was just being unattendtive.

  4. Just a note wondering if I am the only one having difficulty reading your posts. Both Favorite Finds and Baptism for Anders appear in computer code rather than as a blog post I can read. Several others have appeared that way as well recently.

  5. I couldn’t leave a comment on the baptism or favorite finds post. Just got mumbo jumbo when I hit “leave comment”. But I was able to read the posts in case you want to know. Great pics of family in baptism post. I must have missed a post where you got a van. I thought you got a car after your truck.

  6. Wow Jo, you achieve so much in just one day! It’s lovely you had the grandchildren over; and Spot looks so happy! He’s got the perfect home.

  7. Teresa in Port Coquitlam, BC

    If I try to open your posts on my phone it is just weird code. On my iPad all is good. You’ve had a very busy time. How wonderful to have everyone together.

  8. Wow, your weekend sounds incredibly packed with activity! From errands to family time to preparing for Anders’ baptism, you had your hands full. It’s wonderful to hear how involved your family is in helping out, from Buck fixing the tiller to Karl taking the hostas. And Spot seems like such a beloved member of the family, especially with his bond with Buck. Can’t wait to read more about your plant care tips!

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