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A couple weekends ago Kelli and I were suppose to meet Kayla in Oelwein for lunch and a little shopping get away.  Kelli and I both ended up sick so we cancelled.  This weekend we rescheduled.

We had lunch and then stopped at a few stops in Oelwein including the shop where Kayla bought her sock monkey and LouAnn’s Quilt Shop too.  LouAnn’s is one of the places that hosted our retreat this summer…more than than, LouAnn has become a friend so we can’t stop in Oelwein without stopping to see her.

Nest up we were off to visit the Amish community for a bit of shopping.

Hubby needed shoe laces for his Red Wing boots and Kelli wanted Rada knives.  That meant a trip to the General Store.  Kayla needed nutritional yeast so that meant a trip the bulk goods store….no trip is complete without a visit to the bakery..or the grocery.

It was a fun day that I was glad to have a part of.  I was sad when we had to cancel before but I sure was glad we were able to reschedule.  Spending time with the kids really means a lot to me and I sure appreciate that the are willing to spend some of their time with me.

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  1. Yay for time with daughters! I have 5 myself (3 married, 2 at home) and I love it when we can get together. We’re looking forward to time together at Thanksgiving.

  2. Yea for fun outings with the kids. Glad you had a good time. I’ll live through you for the daughter thing…Enjoy!!!

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