Week Recap

Being we didn’t have internet last week I didn’t get much time to tell you all that was going on….

Hubby cut his hand quite bad (you can thank me for not including a picture-it make my stomach lurch every time I see the cut).  He was lifting the hood off of the tractor and it slipped.  He continued to hold onto it as it sliced his fingers.  His middle, pointer and ring finger were all sliced in the inside of his hand.  It’s like a GIANT paper cut only a metal cut and sliced through the calluses.  It looks extremely painful but he claims it’s not too bad.

In the picture Kalissa was trying to super glue the cut shut.


It was our anniversary and Hubby had roses sent.  It was cute.  He knows I like yellow but he likes red so he got six of each.  Perfect.


The childcare kiddos kept me hopping…they always do but last week was especially busy.  We had a round of runny noses and two are taking interest in the potty chair.

We also worked on our fairy garden…isn’t it a cute picture?

Betsy got a turn at being the patient.  She did so good.  Usually it’s Ruby’s job.


This little one figured out how to dot the circles.  I’ve been trying to get her to do that for awhile.  It clicked…I love it when it clicks.


We did a really fun project.  I’m showing you so it might encourage you to try it.  First off take your salad spinner and cut paper that will fit into the bottom.  I just experimented with bowls and plates until I found one the right size.  Then we traced it onto white paper and cut them out.  Then put a paper in the bottom of the basket of the spinner.

From there we dropped paint onto the paper.  They just put drops on however they wanted.  The we put the lid on and gave a really fast spin.


They LOVED spinning it.  They were so amazed when we opened the salad spinner.  Here she’s adding more paint to project.


What I loved about the project is that ALL of the kids could do it.  No real talent is needed.

I am going to keep my eyes open and at garage sales and thrift stores to find another one.  I think it would be better if two could do it at the same time.

It was a fun week..this one is a short week…I sure am going to miss the kids when I’m off.  They really brighten my days.

3 thoughts on “Week Recap”

  1. Hope your hubby is healing. That gives me shivers thinking about that cut.

    I see why your child care kids love you!! I’d like to come and do projects with you too!!! haha!

    You know, I’ve needed a salad spinner for years, but never bought one. I hate drying lettuce/greens.

  2. We do the salad spinner project every year in my preschool class. They love it. You are right – everyone can participate and it can’t be done wrong!

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