Wednesday Afternoon Visitor

One of the reasons I love being able to stay home is that I can help out if needed.  Wednesday afternoon our friend’s grand daughter needed some one to hang out with.  I was the lucky gal who got to hang out with Bria.


If I get a chance to watch her I snap it up.  I love to help and I really miss having little kiddos around.  I think we all need a kid fix every now and then.  Bria provided mine.  Her mommy had a dentist appointment and the person who was set up to watch her couldn’t.  That was fine by me.

She is very easy to take care of and an oh so happy baby.  You might remember some time ago I made a Puff quilt.  It was for Bria.

I did realize after a short time of having her here that I am going to be on the watch for a highchair that folds up at the thrift store.  Now I have nothing except a baby crib that is packed away in storage.  With both of the dogs here and not knowing how the dogs would be with her, it was a little bit of a challenge to watch her.  We played introductions with the dogs-both were really good.  Then after a bit I put up some baby gates to keep the dogs away and give Bria some floor time.  Thankfully I still have the baby gates from when Ruby was a puppy.

Stop back again Bria.  Goodness knows I’ll need a kiddo fix again soon.

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