Wedding Weekend

I had a wedding to attend this past weekend…and I had company. How about I show you a few pictures of all that went on?

Being we had a wedding, and being Jerry was my date, we had a little work to do to make sure Jerry had clothes. So Friday night after work Jerry and I went shoe shopping for him. Then we went out for pizza. We had a great time. I’ve learned Jerry is fun to shop with.

Saturday morning Kalissa called and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the Amish grocery store with her. I did because that was guaranteed to include a trip to the bakery…and it did. Here is Carver with a Pepperoni Bun. They are to die for. Seriously. So good!

Jerry came over while we were shopping because he wanted to be sweet to me and trim my yard with the weed eater. He didn’t want me using it while my shoulder was a problem. He really is sweet. It turns out he couldn’t find the battery to the weed eater. My son Karl had it at his house. We skipped the weed eating.

We got dressed for the wedding. Before we went out the door, I told Jerry lets grab a selfie photo in case I forget to take more pictures later. Here we are and no Jerry didn’t wear the hat for the wedding. He is a hat guy though.

My daughter Kalissa and her family were also invited to the wedding. We sat with them to help with the kiddos if needed. Anders was playing with Jerry when I snapped this picture.

Here is a picture of her family from the day. It’s Craig, Kalissa, Gannon, and Carver and they are holding Anders.

Karl was in the wedding…he was an attendant for the bride. She and Karl have been friends since they were born.

I took another selfie of us at the reception. It was a lovely wedding, dinner, and dance. I have to note here that JERRY DANCES!! We aren’t a couple that can set the dance floor on fire but we sure had fun. I love that he dances…and not just slow songs. If any men are reading this…dance with the woman in your life!! It makes us girls so happy. (at least me…)

Anders was not into the reception at all. He cried for an hour at one point. He has entered his terrible twos about three months too early. Oh, he can be a fit thrower.

The dessert bar was amazing!! I had a monster cookie cupcake. YUM!

Jerry and I left the dance at 10ish. Karl messaged later and asked us to be his designated driver. So we picked him up and delivered him home. I’m so glad he asked. I told my kids at a very young age to call me anytime they had been drinking and that I never minded. It turns out I hit a raccoon on the road on the way to get him and hit another in the same spot on the way home. I tried to slow down and miss it but I ended up hitting it. Crazy.

On Sunday Kelli and her three kiddos came over. Carver and Gannon had a play day here too.

In the late afternoon we went to Carver’s ball game. Here are Emmett and Eli at the game. They got a new wagon for pulling the boys around. It’s awesome. HERE is the link to where Kelli got it from.

Here is Carver in the field. He’s playing shortstop. He’s a pretty good little player.

Sunday was the last ball game of the season for Carver. It’s been fun to get out and watch him play. Here’s a picture of him with one of my old childcare kiddos. They are on the team together. I have loved cheering them both on.

That was the recap of my weekend. I really had a fun weekend…pizza and shopping with Jerry, a wedding with Jerry, family time, and a ball game. What more could I want? I’m so blessed!!

15 thoughts on “Wedding Weekend”

  1. What a lovely weekend you had! It sounds perfect. By the way, I really like the dress you wore for the wedding :-)

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend! Karl looked handsome in his suit, and I am SO impressed that he called for a ride. There are too many men who wouldn’t do that, even when they should. Kudos to Karl! Too bad about the raccoons, though. It reminds me of an ancient joke – Why did the chicken cross the road? To show the raccon it could be done. :-)

  3. Judith Fairchild

    You had a busy lovely weekend for sure. You and Jerry dress up beautifully. I understand the terrible 2’s starting early. The babies want to do what the big kids are doing and can’t for many reasons. I’m so glad that they can grow out of it.

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Pizza, shopping with Jerry, a fun wedding, good food , family and kid time. What could be better! Good for Karl calling for a driver, too.

  5. Vivian Wayland

    Hi, thank you for inviting us to enjoy your weekend and learning more about Jerry and the rest of your family that you included. Thank you for being the parent that adult kids can and will call! What a wonderful time it appears everyone had. Poor Andres at least he chose the floor to throw his fit!!!! That’s a good thing too! So congratulations to you Jo sounds like you pulled off a perfect family weekend! Congratulations

    1. Loved the picture of the growing family. Jerry fits right.
      I need Ray’s address to send him 5 quilt tops and backing. they are all red, white and blue–good for QOV . I have emailed him 3 times. He may need you verify that I am quilter and follow you.

  6. Martha W in WY

    That was a busy, fun weekend for you, Jerry, and the family. It’s great that you and Jerry have found more things that you both like to do. Karl cleans up really good! It’s wonderful that he remembered to call you when he was tipsy. The photo of you and Jerry at the wedding should be enlarged and framed. Your smiles in that photo shows your feelings for each other.

  7. What a lovely and fun weekend for all of you. You look great with Jerry as your date and yes men should dance with their partners.

  8. What a wonderful weekend! So much to do and so much fun!
    We have a wagon like that. I use it to haul my laundry to the campground laundromat! We also use it for our two youngest grand kids when we went to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter.
    I’m so glad you mentioned guys dancing with their ladies – it really does make it so much more fun!
    Glad you had a great weekend!
    Love and prayers

  9. We’ve started shopping for a shirt for my husband to wear to a granddaughter’s wedding. Uggg. No matter the price, he says they fit like a saddle on a sow so who feels comfortable in that ? Clothing manufacturers rarely put darts in women’s tops anymore and there’s no “fit” to them either. I miss dress shops where an actual clerk would help and clothes were well made (in the USA). Now few clerks around and we’re on our own. (end of rant)

  10. You are living the life Jo! I am so, so happy for you! It’s not money, fame and power but rather family, fellowship and fun! Wishing more of the happy times for you. So happy you and Jerry found each other.

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