Wedding Preparations

It’s been a crazy week here.  We’re in wedding world.  As always we’re doing as much as we can “on the cheap”.  One of our “on the cheap” ways to feed everyone is for providing a snack mix for the guests as they arrive at the reception and wait for the meal to be served.  We have done this for all of the kids’ weddings and it’s always been a success.

We have quite a few people in our family that eat gluten free so we always make a couple batches regular and a half batch of gluten free.

Here’s Kalissa and her flower girl-who is also one of my childcare kiddos-
making the mix.

We did a lot of counting, direction following and box top cutting in the process.  We try to make things fun and educational all at once.  It was quite interesting with a little helper.

Here’s the recipe if you’re ever feeding a crew someday.

The next picture you see of these two will be much fancier…both girls will be in their white dresses looking really fancy.

For us tonight is wedding rehearsal with a meal that we are making part of.  We have catered in chicken and broasted potatoes.  I’m doing baked beans, a salad and green bean casserole.  Kelli is making orange fluff salad and Kayla is making a veggie tray.  Craig’s family is doing desserts and drinks.

When the kids were little I would always say how many “sleeps”(nights) something was away from happening…so I guess it’s only one more sleep until my baby gets married…I’ll try to post a picture tomorrow if I can.  Ready or not, here it comes!!!!

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