Wedding Pictures…

I’ve gotten several comments from people wondering about where the wedding pictures are….

Well this time around I didn’t take many with my own camera.  I decided to be patient and wait for the photographer’s pictures.  Saturday we got a few sneak peaks.  Here are a few of my favorites….

Craig and Kalissa….


This is Aubrey, the flower girl, who is one of my childcare kiddos too.  At reherasel she wasn’t interested in walking down the aisle so we were all a little nervous with how she’d do.  She ended up doing fabulous.


This is the full wedding party…minus Aubrey.


This is my favorite picture of all.  Just as they came out of the church without the kids knowing Hubby arranged to have a couple of the fireman bring the truck over and be outside.  Just as they walked out the guys in the truck turned on the lights and sirens.  It was really cool and a great greeting to both Craig and Kalissa as they are both part of the volunteer EMS people in town.  They just looked and truly were so incredibly happy.  I hope they can be that happy many more time in life.


This is a picture with the fire truck.


Here’s a picture of our kids…If you don’t know them all (or likely don’t recognize them cleaned up) across the back left to right are Buck (Kasjen), Kalissa, Karl.  Then in the front are Kelli and Kayla.  All are married now except for Karl and right now he’s just busy enjoying college life.

Here’s one of all the bridesmaids.


Another of the bridesmaids.


Last but not least…one of the three of us.


When all of the pictures come back I’ll see if there are any other good ones that I can share.  We really haven’t gotten a lot more than this to date.  So far now..that will have to do.

15 thoughts on “Wedding Pictures…”

  1. I read all your posts, Jo, I love all you do. It was great to meet all your family, all your children with “k” names. I have a question. : why do all the men have beards ? Are you Amish ?
    Please excuse my curiosity, I am French , and admire your way of living.

  2. Hi Jo, thanks so much for sharing the photos of Kalissa and Craig’s wedding. What a gorgeous wedding party. I love the colour of the bridesmaids dresses, and the colours of the men in the wedding. They all look so happy. Lovely pic of the 3 of you at the bottom of the post.
    Kerry in Aus

  3. Jo, You’re the best !! As a devoted blog follower I love seeing your beautiful family and seeing you all on such a happy day ! I join everyone and wish you all many years of happiness and good health !! Just wondering if all the girls sew ?

  4. Beautiful pictures and lovely wedding. Your daughter was simply stunning- it’s easy to see her happiness. Wishing her a lifetime of it! Thanks for sharing…..

  5. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing the wedding pictures and letting us enjoy your everyday life. Two of my kids are getting married next summer, so I’m thinking about weddings and wedding quilts! My daughter hasn’t had much of an interest in quilts, so she might prefer a bed runner or couch quilt. But I will offer and let her decide. My future daughter-in-law is excited about a quilt and learning to sew at some point. She is waiting to get into nursing school.

  6. Great pictures, lovely dresses and tuxedos – looks like you have great weather for the day. Best wishes to the bride and groom!

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