Wedding Dress Shopping

Saturday we went wedding dress shopping at David’s Bridal in Cedar Rapids.  Wedding dress shopping always makes me a little nervous.  Making sure everyone gets what they want and are happy is always a little stressful.

Kelli tried on dress one…

Kelli liked it.  I thought it was okay…Renee (Kelli’s soon to be mother-in-law) thought it was okay too.  But both Renee and I were keeping an eye on the dresses that the gal next to Kelli was trying on.  We liked those better.  The gal who was helping us said that dress was slightly above Kelli’s price limit.  UGH.

Kelli tried on dress number two…


We liked dress #1 better and decided we thought Kelli looked better strapless.

Renee and I told the gal to get the dress that the neighbor gal had tried on and rejected.  Yep it was a little higher than Kelli wanted to pay but still not bad in price.

She liked it…in fact she loved it and so did all of us.  That’s a picture I am not sharing right now….sorry.  I will say that on entering the store Kelli said corset back, strapless and no lace.  She ended up with lace, corset back and strapless.

Next, we started in on brides maid dresses.  Kelli wanted the girls to wear black and wanted everyone to pick their own style as long as the dresses were in the same fabric.

This isn’t the best picture as the gals aren’t all smiling.  They ended up ordering the clover green colored dresses.  Caitlyn (to the left is ordering that exact dress).  Kayla (next to Caitlyn) is ordering that style in clover and a size smaller I think.  Kalissa (to the far right) is ordering that dress in clover.  Her dress looks much better on her in person than it does in the photo.

Yep..she thought she wanted black dresses but ended up with clover instead.

I am just happy that everything is in place and we have two more things checked off the list. date in March 15th, 2014…yep, 5 months away.

6 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Shopping”

  1. Had a great time and I think the dresses are perfect for that special day! Kelli is a special addition to our “growing” family.

  2. Actually, I think you have two of the most important “details” for the wedding completed. After spending a goodly amount of time shopping w/ my daughter for her wedding gown she too selected & ordered something much dif than what her requirements were & what she thought she didn’t want. Then when her attendants dresses were also ordered the rest of the details just seemed to fall into place. Oh my, your Kelli is going to be a lovely bride!!

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