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Saturday was wedding dress shopping day for Kalissa.  I’ve said it before and it is totally true, I am not a shopper at all…but this isn’t about me so I rose to the occasion and headed to Rochester with a load of excited girls.  Our destination, David’s Bridal.

We’ve done this twice before with Kalissa’s older sisters, Kelli and Kayla so at least this time around, I knew a little more what to expect.  In advance, Kalissa had narrowed her choices down via on line shopping.  That’s always a great help.

The gal helping her talked to her a little about her selections.  One of the dresses was $1300, way out of our budget, so Kalissa quickly told the gal to drop that you from the list before she even tried it and ended up falling in love with it.  She ended up bringing Kalissa what she thought was her least likely pick.  She tried it on and we all loved it….but you can’t buy the first dress…right??  She looked fabulous in it though!

So she tried on a couple more…this one….  I didn’t mind this one.  Kalissa didn’t like it though.  She didn’t like where the poof of the skirt started.


She tried this one that she liked.  In the end though we all kind of agreed that we thought it looked a little too simple…more like a prom dress than a wedding dress.

She tried on one more that none of us liked and I forgot to snap a picture of.  She ended up going back to the first dress and it’s one we bought.   Here she is with her bridal party.


All of the girls picked their own style.  All of the dresses will be in David’s Bridal color horizon blue.  Two are strapless, two, more of a halter top and one is one shouldered.  There is a junior bridesmaid too.  She was too tired to hang out with the big girls though.  She opted for a short knee length dress.  She’s a skinny little tall thing so they will need to do some alterations.

One thing that was kind of funny in the whole process…. The dress that Kelli picked was the EXACT same style as the dress the Kalissa picked to wear for Kelli’s wedding.

Although the shopping went well as soon as Kalissa decided on the dress, she got sick with a really bad migraine.  She’s been getting them every so often.  We got some tylenol, a drink and food for her but nothing seemed to help.  We ended up going home and it was a long miserable 2 hour ride for her but by the time we got home she was feeling better but was completely wiped out.

Minus the migraine, it was a wonderful day….and I am so glad she got a dress.  She looks pretty and quite elegant in it too!  It is definitely a Kalissa dress!

4 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Shopping”

  1. Hi Jo,
    Considering Kelli has gluten issues the migraines may be related to gluten. I struggled with migraines for years. I’m sure that I kept several drug companies in business all by myself! I went off of gluten for totally unrelated issues and discovered my migraines virtually disappeared. It might be worth Kalissa giving it a try to see if it makes a difference.

  2. Excedrin Migraine works miracles! My husband, daughter and son get them and have tried other things, even prescription meds. When they feel a hint of a migraine they take the Excedrin Migraine and within 30 minutes they feel much better. We carry it with us everywhere! Good luck with the wedding prep ;c)

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