Wedding Decoration

Kelli was home on Friday wanting help from Kalissa and I on doing some of the wedding things.  One of the things that was the most fun and easiest was making a menu display.

We went on the computer and using Word designed a menu.  Then we took a piece of burlap and a piece of Steam a Seam 2 and cut them the size of a  piece of paper.


I pulled the top layer off the Steam a Seam and pressed it onto the burlap.  Then ironed it.  It made the burlap stiff.

Next we ran it through the printer.


Out it popped with the menu imprinted on the burlap.


Next step-Kelli has to go to town and pick up a black picture frame.  Then it will need to be trimmed to size.


It’s nothing fancy but will look nice at the serving line.  I know I always like to know the menu.

The first one we did we didn’t use a very bold font.  We changed that second time.  I think we are going to make a couple more signs for decor yet too…nothing like last minute plans and ideas.

This was VERY simple and cheap.  I think I’ll be making something using this technique for a present for some of the wedding showers I’ll have coming up this year.

5 thoughts on “Wedding Decoration”

  1. I saw a tutorial for printing on burlap and thought that was the coolest idea. but I really love the way you are using it for the wedding. It’s going to be beautiful!

  2. I love this idea and your choice of fonts. Interesting how words even in the USA differ in meaning in different areas. “Bun” in my area would be something you put meat or sandwich filling in verses a “roll” as something to eat with butter for dinner. I’m looking forward to your blog with wedding photos!

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