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Kelli has been working on some of the wedding decor.  She’s been working on coming up with things that fall into a clover green, burlap, rustic kind of look.  So far she made this cute “H”.

She’s also been working on some floating candle decorations that require lots of buttons.


She’s been stringing the buttons onto some thin jute.  She wraps that around the vases and ties it.  From there the jars will get water and floating candles.


We’re trying to do things on the cheap…yet cute we hope.  The jars were loaned to us and Kelli bought floating candles awhile ago.

Some of the original things we thought about doing have been changed up a bit.   Hubby and I give all the kids a set amount of money which by no means covers an entire wedding.  Kelli and Jason were planning on paying of the rest.  Well, as of mid January Kelli got laid off and doesn’t have a job.  She’s applied for a few things but no luck.  In fact, she’s picking up some college classes while she continues to look for a job.

In light of all that, she’s had a little more time to Pinterest and find decor ideas that are nice, just much cheaper….in the end, I’ve liked the things she’s come up with much better than the original plans.

If you have any ideas you’d like to share that will fit into a cheap, rustic, burlap, clover green type theme, send them our way!!

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  1. We have a daughter getting married in August so I have a pinterest folder started…her theme is Alpine (as they are getting married in the mountains) but lots of burlap happening…check it out!

    And yes, we too give them a set amount of $$ too but not enough to pay for the whole things. Who can afford that? To me, getting them through university is way more important than weddings…
    I sure hope Kelli finds a job soon…that must be so discouraging for her!!
    Have fun!! :o))

  2. Grandson just got married and the bride and Mom and some friends got together each month and made things for the wedding. Went to thrift stores and bought Champagne glasses…cheaper than renting. Took a clear glass cake plate and a vase…superglued the vase to bottom of the cake plate and had a beautiful cake server. They had a cake on each table…could have used cupcakes too. Took a small round glass jar and wrapped twine (possibly glued it) and then a small flower glue on. Kind of like a jelly jar. They made embroideried (machine) napkins with the couples initials on it….lots of work but very pretty. Used a kind of damask fabric (???) in a cream and used the dark peach for the thread.

  3. We had a daughter that got married last year and we used a whole bunch of different size canning jars, put a little craft sand in the bottom and then put pictures of them in the jars. We also tied jute string around them. In some of the very small ones then we got MnMs and sixlets in there wedding colors and put as a grouping along with some tea lites. It was very pretty and economical. Good Luck Kelli at finding a job. Have fun and enjoy your day!

  4. I’m sure Kelli’s wedding will be beautiful. Both of our kids’ weddings were done as inexpensively as possible. Our daughter’s future mother-in-law even paid for their cake as their wedding gift because she felt like she wasn’t getting to do much for her son’s wedding. Our daughter-in-law’s mother did the cake and DIL did most of the flowers and decorations herself. Our niece had an outdoor wedding followed by an indoor reception. She’s very artistic and did her own invitations and decorations. All three weddings were very nice. When I read about weddings that cost $20,000 or more I kind of shake my head in disbelief.

  5. For candles/flickering lights: consider small birch logs with one side sliced off so it will not roll. Drill a hole in the center facing up, place candle, fake or real, inside.
    I love the burlap and doily buntings!

  6. WE also gave our kids a set amount of money to use on their wedding. My daughter used Pinterest and found lots of creative ideas for her wedding. She also had vases (3 different sizes) with floating candles. They were beautiful. She also bought wood letters and painted them in her wedding colors. Kelli’s wedding sounds beautiful already and I hope she find a job soon.

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