We Made the Newspaper

If you were a retreater and stayed in the West Union location you might remember that a journalist came in and interviewed Kelli and I.  You might also remember that she snapped so photos.

Well if you remember, you had a better memory that I did…more or less, I had forgotten about it.  Then our neighbor came down with the newspaper.  Once I saw the spread I immediately remembered her coming.

Here’s Kelli and I with our May Flower Quilt.  It’s actually a really good picture of us.


There was more in the article including a picture of the girls on the left side of the room….and is that your license plate Irene??


I have a copy…but just one.

It was in the Fayette County Union on Wednesday, August 12th.  Here’s a link to their website.  I poked around but didn’t see any of the article there.   Shucks!  I am guessing if someone was inclined they could contact the paper and their might be back issues available.  There are lots of Bonnie Hunter quotes included.  Here’s the link.

It was a nice article and the picture of me and Kelli was about the best we can do…neither of us are very photogenic.

…  And with that..I’m off to sew.  I have about an hour before bedtime.

5 thoughts on “We Made the Newspaper”

  1. If you contact the newspaper, they may have a copy of the photo to send you! I’ve gotten pictures of my kids from our local paper that way.

  2. Wow! My license plate made the paper! How exciting. It was a great retreat and I had a great time. I’m proud to say that my May Flowers quilt is completed. I’m working on Kiss in the Corner now.

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