We Made it to Amazon

There are little mile markers that happen in my life that make me believe (or not believe).  I know we published a quilt book.  It’s tangible and I can see it.  I can see the quilts we made in order to put the book together.  But-for the longest time I check and checked and rechecked to see if our book, Country Girl Modern, was available on Amazon.  It wasn’t.  That made me think the book was a flop but I’m told in reality it just takes a bit for the books to get there unless the book is from a proven author.

Anyway I was on the blog reading comments and look what I saw on the ad on the blog.  AMAZON HAS OUR BOOK!!

I quickly went to Amazon…and YES!  It is there.

Is there any chance any of you who already have a copy of the book could go over there and write a review.  So far there are no reviews which makes the book look not very popular or appealing.  It’s easy to write a review…Here’s a link to the page on Amazon.  Thanks to anyone who does this…we really appreciate it!

One more note…as excited as I am that the book make it to Amazon, if you are inclined to want a book, order it from us if you can.  For each book that Amazon sells authors make about $1.  For each book we sell ourselves we make the difference between the wholesale and retail cost plus the $1.

I still really have trouble believing that we wrote a book…seeing it on Amazon made it a little more true.

12 thoughts on “We Made it to Amazon”

  1. Make sure you have a copy set aside for me to buy at the retreat in July. No sense in paying postage when I can buy it direct from you.

    Saw the book in Paducah at a vendor booth.

  2. hi jo, there were 2 comments there and i wrote the third so they are coming. it will be much fuller by tomorrow i’m sure. congratulations on hitting the big time!

  3. Congrats Jo and Kelli! I am sure it will be a big success on Amazon…tried to write a review but as I haven’t previously purchased anything there I couldn’t comment…bummer! Love your book ..such easy instructions xx

  4. I bet that was exciting to see your book on Amazon. How fun!!! I would like to purchase a copy at the retreat this summer, also. Why not get a signed copy from the writers, right? Thanks!

  5. Just left you a review. I re-read your book last night in bed. I love it! I may challenge myself to make ALL the quilts in it… Hope you and Kelli decide to write a second one!
    Pugs and kisses,

  6. Just seen this post about your book being on Amazon. Congratulations! I love your book and am leaving a good review for it. I hope you sell a ton of them!

  7. I love the book! I bought it from you so I am pleased.
    I tried to lead a review but it would have posted my whole name. I have to figure how to correct that and I will posted a 5 star review!!

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