We Have Eaves!

This week has been a busy one at the house…insulation, sheet rock and even eaves!  Rumor is that we’ll have a dry wall guy here on Monday.  That is making me giddy!!  I haven’t dared to ask how long dry walling takes…maybe by the time Monday rolls around I get up my nerve.

Anyway back to the eaves.  Don’t they look awesome??  They did such a nice job running them along the white trim that they almost aren’t noticeable.


At one point Hubby thought he might try to tackle the eaves himself but I am so glad we didn’t.  It was one of those things that by the time we penciled out the price of the bid and Hubby’s time, it was just better to go with the professionals.


They had the entire house done in under 4 hours.


It would have taken Hubby a couple weekends to do it all and trust me, there are plenty of other things we need him to be doing.

I feel so bad for him…the other day he said, “I have a feeling this house is going to break me, either mentally, physically or financially.”  He was joking but I do know the long days juggling his job and the house is really getting hard on him.  I keep wishing there was more that I could help with.  He keeps assuring me that I’ll be doing more shortly.  I know he’s right.

This next month or two will be crazy yet.  I just hope that he gets some sort of break before spring planting.

Anyway…the eaves are up and that’s one more thing we can cross off the list.

10 thoughts on “We Have Eaves!”

  1. Your house is looking lovely! Once you get it landscaped and move in it will be a real showpiece for the whole neighborhood . You and your whole family should be so proud of what all you patience and hard work have achieved. Congratulations!

  2. Jo, Your house is coming along beautifully! Many years ago we put an addition on our old house and that did my husband in. For quite a while he didn’t want to do any remodeling. It’s so worth it when it’s done and you both can enjoy it.

  3. We call those gutters in Texas and they are looking great….. and in my mind just as well not to be way UP there doing the work.

  4. The house is looking great, Jo! I think it is great that your whole family has pitched in to make this happen. The drywall will take a while; the mud has to dry and be sanded. But then it will be time to paint! Soon hubby will be able to cover up with one of your quilts and take a nap in your new home!

  5. Your new home is absolutely beautiful, I don’t blame you for being giddy, I would be bouncing from the roof tops. Not much longer, I just know it before you are all settled in,

  6. Those gutters on your eaves look fabulous – almost invisible!! Your home is looking better and better with every picture! Soon you will be in there painting away! Looking forward to pictures of every little step!!!

  7. Jo, you just don’t know how excited we all are for you and your hubby. We watch and check your blog several times a day so as not to miss seeing some completed thing on your home. We really appreciate you letting us enjoy the “reveal” without having to go through the mess ourselves. I think we are all much like you, individualists, who have our own ways of doing things and who prefer old fashioned stuff, old fashioned courtesies, old fashioned workmanship.
    Congrats to all the people who are helping your dreams come true there in Iowa!

  8. the home is really coming together!! Gutters do make a finishing touch to the exterior. In our part of Texas they are mainly for catching rain, how well do they hold up to snow?

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