We Have an Appointment

We are taking Ruby to the vet.  She still isn’t acting like her usual self.

After talking with Hubby and Kalissa today, we started talking about Ruby’s recent behaviors.  We have determined that she didn’t eat yesterday.  Typically Hubby feeds her in the morning and one of us feeds her in the evening when she brings us her bowl.  None of us fed her yesterday.  She never brought her bowl to us.  She is drinking water though.

We tried to feed her today and she isn’t interested in food.  If you have a beagle, you know when they don’t eat, it’s not good.

She isn’t energetic.  She isn’t very interested in playing.  She is constantly-constantly stretching.

She isn’t interested in romping, chasing cats, or being a farm dog today.  These are all things she previously built her life around.

The appointment is at 11 am.  I am guessing she is constipated but that’s what I thought when I originally took Gracie to the vet….oh please don’t let this be a repeat of that.

I’ll write more when I know more.

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  1. Thoughts and prayers that it is something easily taken care of. Glad you have an appointment this morning. My brother’s dog had similar symptoms and it was an infection. Antibiotics took care of it.

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