We Had a Little Casualty….

I have to say I’ve know this was coming on.  For the past two months my wrist has been acting up on my right arm.  Nothing serious…but definitely tender.  Sometimes it would be really bad making even putting pieces together to run through the sewing machine painful.  I’ll admit, it slowed me down.

Then a day or two later my wrist would be feeling pretty good and I didn’t have any problems for a couple days..then slowly, the problem would start again.

Well Monday I went to the doctor.  It was time for my annual physical, blood work and mammogram.  Speaking of mammograms…have you gotten one recently??  (Also if you had a bad experience before, don’t let that stop you..find a tech you like!)

While I was at the doctor I asked about my wrist.  It was worse than ever and I was in quite a little pain if I twisted or bent it very much at all.

From there she started talking and asking question….Apparently the repetitive motion things that I have been doing haven’t been especially good for my wrist.  (Good thing I finished scrapping all those floor boards on Sunday)


So here are my orders.  Ice it at night…take Ibuprofen for swelling and wear this brace every night and when I can during the day.  UGH.  It’s not news I like…but I’m willing to do what I’m told.  The hardest is the icing.  I’m horrible at sitting still.  The worst order of all…give my wrist a rest.  No more scrapping and refinishing my white cupboard for a week or so.

So my wrist was a bit of a casualty…nothing serious but it’s giving me a breather on a few things for a week or so.  At least I hope it isn’t longer than that.

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  1. Been there done that have the brace, had the surgery, (carpel tunnel CT) Developed another one, trigger thumb, same thumb! had surgery to realse the tendon, and now I have Arthur in both wrists…. got a new brace for night time wearing w that too!!!! And exercises for the wrist.
    I have learned that w CT anyway even a 10 % wt loss will ease that up, also when I had my surgery the affect was almost immediate.
    There also maybe some exercises you can do that will help after this eases down some w the iceing and the brace.

  2. Follow the instructions. It may be frustrating but definitely worth it. Sometimes are minds are willing and able but the body says NO! Good luck. And you would be surprised what you can do with the brace on.

  3. You might consider using essential oils to speed the healing process. You can google “essential oils for carpal tunnel” or something like that. They are our first go-to measure for injuries and pains such as this, and they do help a lot.

  4. An easy way to ice your wrist while keeping mobile would be to use a bag of frozen peas. They can be refrozen to use again. Be sure to label the bag so no one accidentally cooks and eats them. Mold the bag around your wrist and use duct tape or masking tape to hold it in place. Another way is to fill a freezer zipper- type bag with water or small chunks of ice. As the water starts to freeze, take it out and mold it over something and put it back in. Keep doing that until it freezes solid in the shape you want. That’s what I did when my husband had arthoscopic knee surgery and needed to ice his knee. It was the only way to keep the ice on his knee even though he was sitting in a chair.
    Good luck!

  5. The braces really do give relief if you force yourself to wear them. On a recent injury I had I bought several of those ice gel packs from Walmart, they come in different sizes. You can get a little cover for them that have velcro straps to keep them in place. They weren’t very expensive. I tried the pinterest homemade ones,
    but they didn’t work as well. This was a lot better than chopped freezer ice in a baggy.

  6. I have problems like this, too. Too much computer time at work, and then come home and do too much quilting and rotary cutting. The brace will really help, especially at night. Hope you feel better soon, Jo!

  7. Just remember it is the only wrist you have, it hurts because it is stressed. If the doc says a week I would give it ten days to two weeks. Sort of like picking a scab before it heals……. don’t. Again I say, it is the only wrist you have.

  8. Hope your wrist feels better soon. I can just imagine what all that board scraping could do to your wrists! Take it easy on yourself and let your wrists get a good rest!

  9. I work at the computer all day at work so I was starting to have carpal tunnel problems. I refuse to give up quilting so I made some adjustments. I got a gel wrist rest for my mouse, got a keyboard with a wrist rest in front, got an Oliso iron so no more moving the iron up and down, and got an ergonomic rotary cutter that you curl your hand around. Guess what! Within 1-2 months my symptoms totally disappeared and have not come back in 6 years. I don’t know if this will help you or not but maybe???

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