We Came, We Learned…We Conquerored…well maybe not.

Kelli and I went to our class to learn how to use my APQS Millennium on Friday.  We had such busy days leading up to this that neither of us had a chance to watch the video that showed us how to use it.
Thankfully Lucy our instructor from o2B Quilting was super understanding and helpful.

Here’s Kelli sewing away….

..and here’s me pinning.

We were anxious to get home and work on our own machine.  By the time we left, Lucy had us wanting more tools…more pantograph designs…more bobbins…more needles…oh just more of everything.  You can bet we will be doing a little internet shopping to find some of the fun tools to make scalloped designs and other goodies.

We saw so much and are filled with ideas…we’d like to think we’ll go home and have no questions…but we have LOTS more to learn.  Lucy did a great job building our confidence.

Thanks for hosting us Lucy.  If any of you are in the southern Minnesota or Northern Iowa and want to rent or purchase an APQS machine, Lucy can set you right up.

6 thoughts on “We Came, We Learned…We Conquerored…well maybe not.”

  1. i know that you’re gonna have lots of fun with that baby! what caught my eye was all the oodles of space that you have to quilt your designs with because of the big throat space of the machine. and yep, i know all about those pantographs that sing siren songs in the night just wanting to come home with you, LOL. My faves are the ones designed by Keryn Emmerson that are carried by Golden Threads quilt shop.

  2. You are going to love your new machine. I’ve had mine since 2000, it stills purrs like a kitten. If you have any questions, send an e-mail and I will try to help.

  3. Oh the things you need with a longarm!!! If you have a business license, set up a wholesale account with Superior Threads…they have thread (of course! Gotta love King Tut!), needles for longarms, fabric and a ton of free education about thread and how to use it. My Innova loves their threads…I can use any of them as a top thread, even the ones they say are for bobbin work. Have a blast with your new machine!!! If you are interested in some pantos, send me an email with your address and I’ll send you some – I don’t like working from behind the machine!!!

  4. I WANT ONE!!!! if I keep wishing do you think my house will get bigger so that I could put an long arm in one of my rooms????

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