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I’ve been cooking and baking for a long time.  I am totally not a baking snob or taste snob.  I’m not super picky about brands at all about brands.  We have friends that are particular over brands of ketchup.  I know people that won’t try store brands.  Not me.  I am typically more concerned about the price than the brand.  I’ve found that now that I’m older I am a little pickier about the brands of cleaning supplies I use but typically not with food products.

Well for Christmas one of my childcare kiddos gifted me some Watkins products.  I’ve not tried Watkins products before.  I think the cost and lack of availability has always been a obstacle.  It was fun to get some things that I don’t normally use.  One of the products he gifted me was Watkins vanilla.


I ended up opening it a week or so after I got it.  I made cookies one day and it was a recipe we regularly have and was told the cookies were good.  Then last week I made homemade vanilla pudding and everyone raved about that.  I finally figured out that the difference in what I made was that I used the Watkins Vanilla.

So I asked Karl to make a cake the other night and I frosted it with my typical cream cheese frosting that uses vanilla.  Well…I tasted the frosting and WOW…it’s better than ever!!  Now isn’t that an amazing looking cake?
So then I wanted to try the frosting on the cake and wow!  The cake tastes better than ever!


I am completely and totally sold on Watkins Vanilla.  I have no idea what the price on it is but I don’t care.  I don’t care one drop.  I won’t be using any other vanilla and as of today, I am a vanilla snob…and I am proud of it.

Now I really want to make cinnamon rolls.  Yum…I bet they are going to be better than ever too with the new vanilla.

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  1. The only vanilla I like better is my own homemade vanilla. I use pure vodka over vanilla beans and set it in a dark cabinet for 3 months! Taste wonderful!

  2. Sure. Watkins vanilla is pricey, but so is all real vanilla extract. I’m lucky, I have a friend who sells it and if I give her a call she will bring it to our next club meeting.

  3. Yes! Watkins is the best. Remember growing up and the Watkins man making his rounds. I’m glad you received it as a gift and love it.

  4. I’ve always used Watkins vanilla and if you are close to a Menards (I believe Mason City has one) they carry it year around along with quite a few of there spices and other flavorings. Your cake looks delicious, I need to get out my Bundt pan and make one.

  5. I hate to be the bearer of bad news BUT I came down
    With the Flu on 13 Dec. I still have the
    Cough. Cough drops help a lot

    Now after over 30 days of no structured walking
    I have a Sacroiliac Joint Flareup. I feel for you
    Bad stuff. Like your quilts and the Vanilla
    I found the error. Glad you can fix it.

  6. I have never heard of Watkins brand but will keep an eye out for it now. About your old brand of vanilla: did you always use pure vanilla extract made with alcohol? I always make sure to buy that kind of vanilla, but never a specific brand.

  7. Oh my! I wish I had a slice of your cake! It looks soooo good!

    I guess I’m a brand snob. I only like French’s Original Yellow Mustard, Hellmann’s Mayo, Heinz Ketchup, Kraft Sandwich Spread, Best Maid Bread ‘n Butter Pickles, and Blue Bell Ice Cream (Homemade Vanilla). There’s some house brands I like too…Wal-Mart Great Value, Kroger Brand, Aldi. I could go on and on…Once I find something I really really like, I just don’t buy anything else.

  8. Did you read the ingredients on the label? They’re listed on Amazon. It says on the front label “made WITH pure vanilla extract.” It’s not pure vanilla extract, unfortunately, it’s only got vanilla extract in it. The other ingredients: glucose syrup, artificial flavors, propylene glycol, caramel color, and sulfites. No wonder it’s good! It’s got sugar and artificial flavors in it! Dang!

  9. If you think Watkins is good, you should try Penney’s brand. They blow everyone else right out of the water. Seriously the best vanilla (and other spices) you can buy! My BIL is a chef and bought me some of their products for Christmas 20 years ago, and the difference between them and the national brand was amazing!

  10. Jo, I have the same comment as Kim. Check for Watkins vanilla the next time you are at Menard’s. It is amazing the things you can find at a home improvement store!

  11. Do you have Hy-Vee? They carry it there and I agree it is the best. Unless you get to Mexico. They actually have the best you will ever find.

  12. You said the vanilla was gifted to you, but in the next sentence you said you opened it a week or so after you bought it. Which is it? Just curious.

  13. I buy Watkins vanilla, and some other Watkins flavorings at Walmart. Root beer cookies made with Watkins root beer flavoring are delicious!

  14. You can buy it online off their website. I bought a lot of Christmas gifts that way. I live in the southern part of the US and had my order in 2 days. They have sales and I took advantage of their dish soaps sales to pair with my knitted/crocheted dishcloths.

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