Waterpark Fun!

After Christmas, the Kramer’s took on Dubuque Waterpark. We stayed at the Grand Harbor Hotel and the waterpark is attached. It’s not too big of a waterpark…actually perfect for the kiddos we have. Scotty is the oldest grandkid at 8 and Anders is the youngest at 1. The place is big enough…but not too big that we can’t keep an eye on them.

I think I was the last to arrive…I came and they were already swimming. This is Karl, Kelli, Kayla, Fergie, Buck and Spencer.

There are some bigger slides that the older kids can do but the younger ones still need an adult with them. Here are Kelli and Emmett.

He loves it!

Lucy was big enough to go on her own. She went down the slide SO MANY times.

Gannon and Georgia who are both 4 1/2 can go by themselves. Here’s Gannon.

Anders can’t do anything on his own being he’s only one. Kalissa and Craig took turns caring for him. He’s a little fish so it wasn’t too hard.

Georgia loves the water!! Here she is posing for a picture.

Lilly does a good job hanging with the adults and little kids but she’s also quick to ask someone to take her on the slide.

Last year Jason didn’t get to come. He stayed home with Eli and Emmett because they were sick. This year they were here having fun!!

This is the only family picture I got. Here are Kayla, Spencer, and Jasper.

Scotty’s favorite spot was the hot tub. Well, lots of the kids and adults liked the hot tub.

Here’s Carver…He thinks it’s funny when he shows off his neck in this silly pose.

We were smarter this year and Kelli brought a few pool toys that the kids played with a lot. We also went to Pizza Ranch for supper. It’s a pizza/chicken buffet. We could serve the kids some food right away. That made the restaurant bearable with 10 kids!!

Of course, I was the person behind the camera so there are no pictures of me. I didn’t think to ask anyone to take one until we were home and was getting ready to write this post…Typical mom thing, right??

There was some talk about possibly going to Wisconsin Dells next year. Me, I think I’d rather go here another year. The kids are still at an age where this works…

12 thoughts on “Waterpark Fun!”

  1. It looks like the children all had a great time! Isn’t Carver getting tall?! Thanks for sharing your photos with us, it’s lovely to see everyone.

  2. What a neat place – never saw an indoor waterpark before. And how nice it wasn’t so busy! Glad everyone had fun!
    Love and prayers

  3. I used to live out of state and when I visited, I got a room at the Hilton in our town and loaded up 6 grandchildren by myself . We had sleeping bags and they slept on the floor. The swimming pool was totally empty of anyone else so we had fun. There was a hot tub too so everyone enjoyed that. There wasn’t any water slides and that would have been so much better. I’m glad you took pictures of your fun trip, made me remember mine from 35 years ago.

  4. I live in Wisconsin and for many years we have gone to Great Wolf in Wisconsin dells as they don’t let guests in who aren’t staying at the hotel. It’s very big and you would need to keep a close eye on the kids.

  5. This certainly looks like the perfect place for all. What a great way to get together for Christmas. I loved seeing all the pictures of your darling grands! It was also good to see Jason among the family – we don’t see him often.

  6. What a wonderful way to spend a few days with all the family together. A pool would be a real treat and eating out at a family friendly restaurant would be helpful. Thanks you for sharing all the pictures.

  7. I can tell fun was had by all. I would nix the WI Dells till they are older. I was there with my daughter and her three kids (a 21 month old, a 7 yr old and a almost 10 yr old). The older ones had a blast but there wasn’t anything the youngest one could do but float with us on the lazy river. We also were there the last week of June so it wasn’t too busy.

  8. thank you for sharing your good times. Anders is just adorable. It appears this is a made to order place for all the different ages.. It was also good seeing all the family members well and having great times. I bet all that water play really perked up the appetites. 2024

  9. So fun. I agree with staying close. I prefer to go local or closer rather than travel so far. We like to go to Owatonna, MN. Holiday Inn and suites water park. And I am also always behind the camera too. Never fails. So much fun and wonderful memories

  10. Great holiday fun. Some time ago you included a mixed candy recipe called 3 something casserole. I thought I had printed it out, but don’t find it, so guess I didn’t. Can you give me the name and date you published it. I would really appreciate it. Our Bible study group is having a party here this Friday, and we thought it would be fun to have.

  11. Great pictures ! I took your tip entertaining a child with an embroidery hoop, yarn, plastic needle and burlap when we had a little visitor yesterday. I outlined her initial on the burlap and she never put it down until she was done ! She told her Mom she wants to come back again so if you have more ideas, I’d welcome them !

  12. When we see a Pizza Ranch we stop! There aren’t any in Indiana .I bet more fun with the slide next year when they can go by themselves.

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