Water-Water Everywhere!!

For the last few weeks we’ve had water in our basement.  UGH.  It’s smelly and inconvenient.  Luckily it didn’t ruin anything but it’s still not necessary.  Finally on Sunday, Hubby went to town and got the sump pump from there and brought it here and pumped it out.

The drain that takes the gray water out of the house froze up a couple weeks ago plus we’ve had rain and that seeps in too.  It’s all made for a big mess.

We are forecast to expect rain and rain and rain which will just make matters worse.  Right now, we don’t have a water problem at the house in town so we’re keeping the sump pump here for a bit.

Looking at the forecast it has lots of farmers and people wondering if this spring is going to be like last spring….all terribly wet.  I sure hope not.  Every day of rain sets progress on the house back and that makes for a crabby me.

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2 thoughts on “Water-Water Everywhere!!”

  1. We are lucky enough to be in a dry area, but the rains do flood a lot of the surrounding areas. Last year our outside pipe burst so we had a mess from that and then had to redig a new line, not fun.


  2. And the farmers here would love some rain!!! We’ll get a little and then the wind blows…just like a blow-dryer it sucks all the moisture out of the ground. Too much, too little…problems! Wish it would share it a bit – southern California could really use a good dousing to get the fire out!

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