Waste Not Wednesdays….

I decided to try something new…I’ll give it a try for a couple months and if we like it, I’ll keep it…if we don’t, I’ll get rid of it.  I’m calling it Waste Not Wednesdays.

I’m not a “save the planet girl” and I’m not a “be totally thrifty” girl.  I am just a gal who is a little of each and I like to use things that God has given me to the best of my ability…be that talents, money, time or possessions.  I am doing things all the time to reuse, repurpose, reorganize and I bet you are too.  I thought it would be great to have a spot where we all can bring our ideas together..and maybe we can learn ways that we all can make better use of what has been given to us.

Each Wednesday I invite all of you to link a recent blog post or leave a comment of something you have done over the past week that saved you time, money, or energy.  Looking for some ideas?  I’ll give you a few examples from posts that I have done in the past….made slippers from a sweater, making a quilt from fabric you no longer loved,  preserved food from your garden, collected corn for your chickens, share a Goodwill find,or share a tutorial for something.

There’s an old saying that goes like this, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”   Anything you can think of that will fit that saying will work for a “Waste not Wednesday” post.

The possibilities of things you could share are endless….Today, I am sharing my recipe for Scalloped Potatoes and Ham…This is an old stand by recipe I have made for years.  It never fails.

I had these old potatoes that were starting to sprout and were getting a little soft.  I had some ham in the refrigerator that was needing to get used up too….Perfect ingredients for this recipe…ingredients that would have gone for chicken feed if I didn’t use them up soon.


Take your crock pot.  Spray the inside with cooking spray.  Fill the crock pot half full of peeled sliced potatoes.  Layer on half of a chopped onion on it.  Layer cubed ham over it…if you are having this as your main course add extra ham…if it’s a side dish, add less ham.  Layer more sliced potatoes over the top of the ham.  Add salt and pepper to your liking.  Put two cans of cream chicken (or mushroom or celery) over the potatoes.  Put a cup of cheese on top of that.  Let it cook in the crock pot on low for about 4 hours or until the potatoes are tender.  Stir and serve.


I have made this in a large crock pot, small crock pot and even in a HUGE roaster.  For the roaster I added extra cans of cream of chicken soup….honestly, it’s a no fail recipe that is tasty and hearty.  I love making homemade bread with it too so we can sop up the juices.   It’s a great way to use up those iffy potatoes.

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10 thoughts on “Waste Not Wednesdays….”

  1. This past year a friend of mind started collecting scraps of all cotton fabric and batting to use to make pet beds for the local animal shelter. I do a lot of quilting and always have small bits of batting and fabric left over, so I was glad she needed the scraps. I filled several bags over the last few months. I donated two bags last week and have started another one. I have always saved scraps of fabric for quilts, too but this way, I can let go of the really tiny pieces I don’t need to be keeping anyway – would never use – and do something useful with them.

  2. I save tiny bits of fabric and and selvages and batting scraps and like Jill’s (from above) friend I use it to stuff things. Most of mine were used in Halloween costumes or currently some costumes for a child’s school play. My girls took some small selvedges and glued them to a big slide for their LPS animals that they made from various cardboard pieces that were headed to the recycle garbage can.

  3. Laurel from Iowa

    I have been saving cancelled stamps (off snail mail) for a quilting friend of mine. She gives them to a lady who uses them somehow. This saves a little bit of paper from heading to the recycling shed, plus the stamps are being repurposed. Now I just have to find out what she does with them!

  4. Your recipe sounds yummy. Even if the potatoes & ham had gone to the chickens they wouldn’t have been wasted. The chickens would have been thrilled and you would get eggs and/or chicken in the pan.

  5. Okay – nothing special but my 2 min-pins really liked it. While we’re at work – they like to spend their day in the spare bedroom on the bed snoozing. So I removed the good quilt from the bed and took an old comforter that was ready to make the trash bin and cut in 1/4, stiched up the open ends with binding and made 4 little dog blankets. One for each of them and two for the local shelter.

  6. Your recipe made me hungry. I’ve got some ham in the freezer, just have to get some potatoes. I never thought of making it in a crock pot. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Tried your recipe with a loaf of hot crusty bread and a salad – terrific. I was having a Guild Committee meeting at the time the crock pot was on and it really smelled good – the recipe is going further as I have to share it with the girls. I added a bit of parsley and some broccoli so it made a complete meal.
    Thanks for sharing.

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