Waste Not Wednesday….Planning your time

I am a big planner and organizer of time.  Time is so precious that I hate to waste to any of it.  On Monday I showed you a photo of the quilt I am making for the Firemen’s Raffle. The blocks for the project are quick and easy….


but the checkerboard sashing is going to be a little time consuming.  A big of chunk of time will be spent pinning the four patches that  make up the sashing together.

It just so happens that on Friday, Hubby and I are planning a little road trip.  It doesn’t bother me to work on projects in the car, so all of my extra time today and tomorrow will be spent getting the strips sewn and cut into segments so I can pin during our car ride.  All of the blocks aren’t finished yet so I don’t need the sashing yet, but I will soon.  Having them pinned together will make that step of the project fly by more quickly.

I am always working to figure out what projects I can do when.  If there’s something I like on television, I’ll make sure I have a stitching project prepped and ready for stitching.  I always have something ready to iron and work on that while I talk on the phone.  I always have a little project with a few hexies to stitch in my purse in case I end up in the car waiting.

I am a bit of a control freak and having something to do, like stitch my hexies, while I’m waiting is very calming and good use of my time.  I always get asked how I get so much sewing done.  To be honest, time management is a big part of it.  I have done it so long that it’s second nature me.

You can head over to We Are that Family and some great ideas from others.

3 thoughts on “Waste Not Wednesday….Planning your time”

  1. People have laughed at me, but I recycle my cat food bags. I buy the larger, plasticized bags and after they’re empty, I wash them, trim them down some and make them into tote bags. I think they’re really cute and all they cost is for the handles (I like to use strapping, but you could use fabric if you want.)

  2. I too love to knit in the car or while watching TV. I understand what you mean about stitching being important as a calm-down too. I think that’s important. For me it has to be mind-numbing-ly boring stitching like plain beanies or squares and it’s good stress relief.

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