Waste Not Wednesday-Hyacinths

I love flowers in the Spring.  I love hyacinths, tulips, daffodils…all of them.  It doesn’t matter the type or color I just love them.  I think they just signify that spring is here.

Last fall when I was at the nursery buying tulips, I put two hyacinth bulbs in my cart too.  I remembered years ago doing a little project with the kids and I wanted to do it again.   I put the bulbs in the refrigerator.  I forgot all about them until Christmas was over….then anticipation took over.  I put water in the glass and the hyacinth bulb just a little bit above the water and set them out on my kitchen counter.  Four weeks later, I have this.


They smell wonderful.  It’s fun to see the roots down in the water.  They look good too.  More than all that, they give me hope that spring is around the corner and winter will soon be gone.

When I purchased the bulbs last fall, I thought it was a foolish and wondered if I was just wasting money…..No.  It wasn’t a waste. I have enjoyed these bulbs the WHOLE month of January.  I watch the roots start.  I watch the sprout pop.   It was exactly what I need as a little pick me up.  Cheaper than therapy, entertaining for the whole month…and oh so great smelling.  When it comes to me, I often scrimp…I don’t do things for myself as much as should.  These  two hyacinth bulbs were just what I needed for a little pick me up.

You can check out my crumb quilt made from tiny scraps…another “waste not” project.  Stop back later today, I hope to have the last stitches in my January UFO finished and I’ll have a list of winners from my resent giveaways too.

4 thoughts on “Waste Not Wednesday-Hyacinths”

  1. I love to “waste not.”
    My husband thinks I am nuts for saving even the most minuscule scraps of fabric. Even selveges! But then, he saw my selvege edge quilt and loved it! I think he might finally understand!

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