Wasps…oh my!

July 30th I had the childcare kiddos outside.  We heading out on the back patio so the kids could play in the sandbox and on the swing.  My Neighbor Girl was over.  She took the oldest ones out while I was getting the younger ones ready.  Suddenly there was squealing outside and I stopped what I was doing to see.  There was a wasp over by the garage door that leads out to the patio.  My kiddos freak out over wasps, bees or any type of bug like that.

I sent the kids in with Neighbor Girl, grabbed the fly swatter and went to swat it.  The wasp was in the corner of the door frame near where the upper trim is.  I swatted and you can imagine my surprise when about 15 wasps flew out from behind that upper corner piece of trim….well I got stung.

I didn’t think anything of it.  I went in the house, took some allergy meds just in case and took the kids out the front door.

That was the end of it…or so I thought.

This was a Monday…on Wednesday I got a little blister over the top of the sting sight.  I looked at it and couldn’t figure out why I had a blister.  Then I remembered the wasp.  Yep, the blister was over the exact spot I was stung.

I popped the blister and forgot about it.  I went to the retreat.  I sewed and sewed….end of story…or so I thought.

Monday I woke up and my arm looked like this….

Notice the red?  I sent a picture of it to Kalissa hoping she could look at it while she was on break at work.  She told me to put a ring around it with a marker and watch it.  So by super time, the redness had enlarged and Kalissa said I had to go the doctor in the morning.

A week after the initial sting and now I’m having troubles…ugh.

So Tuesday I went to the doctor.  I have cellulitis and was given meds for it.  I asked if that means I am allergic to wasps.  No.  I’m not allergic.  I got an infection from the open wound.  Apparently I shouldn’t have popped the blister.

…and while I was there, they gave me a tetanus shot and the shingles vaccine.  So now I have two sore shoulders and one sore fore arm.  Happily this all temporary….

As for the wasps… Hubby took care of the wasps the Monday night after I got stung.  We had no idea but there was a wasp nest behind that trim piece.  It’s gone now…While he was looking around, he found another wasp nest.  Oh my.  We had no idea.  I’m so glad they are gone.  Moral of the story….don’t pop the blister from a wasp sting.

Nope.  I went ended up having a reaction to either the medicine or the shingles vaccine.  I was home sick on Wednesday.  No childcare.  UGH.  I did sit in the living room and watch television and slowly worked through my shirts that needed to be cut up.  Watch for the next auction on the blog.  I’ll have some for sale.

11 thoughts on “Wasps…oh my!”

  1. Must be the year for them. Let the dog out last Sat am & a wasp buzzed in. Was able to shoo him out again. Went to let the dog back in a little while later – there were several wasps busy building a nest on the eaves just outside the door. Sorry environmentalist – the wasp killer came out & they got sprayed!

  2. The shingles shot is a nasty one, it monkeyed with my husband’s spleen. Fortunately, our chiropractor is a natural health physician and they put him in the sauna for 30 min to detox and he was much better. I had to do the same thing when I couldn’t prove I had the MMR as a child. Got my shots then went straight to the sauna to detox.

  3. Cellulitis is serious. I’m so glad you went in. My mom had it and ended up in the hospital…twice. Once in ICU. The second time was because of her reaction to the Bactrim that they gave her for the cellulitis. I’m so glad you will be OK!

  4. Must be the year for wasps or yellow jackets. We had a nest in the corner of our roof and one in the eves of our shed. I sprayed them, but it didn’t kill them. I was taking out the garbage and one dive bombed me and stung my neck. I called the “bug guy” and he came and got rid of both nests.

  5. Wasps are beneficial insects that usually will leave you alone if you leave them alone. Yellow jackets are one of the exceptions, attacking if you get near their nest. Most wasps are either insect predators or honey and nectar gatherers as well as being solitary. Worst thing on earth? WE ARE!

  6. Oh my that hurts, I am live and left live somewhere else. I saw a family just going nuts over a dragon fly running screaming then they got tried and watched the dragon fly diving and soaring and not careing about them at all it was fun to see the reaction and the change once they realized the dragon fly was not a threat to them.

    I am allergic to bees so I am careful but I do like watching honey bees working when we have lots of blooming flowers for them.

  7. Oh my! I’m glad you went in to the doctor and had it looked at. My husband and I got the shingles shot and he had a sore arm for 3 days and didn’t feel to well the day after. Glad none of the kids got stung.

  8. Hi Jo,
    Its amazing how easy a person can get cellulitis. Have had it several times and ended up hospitalized each time, so do take good care of yourself! The bees are bad this year, that is for sure. Take care!

  9. Demons, I tell ya…demons! Hate those things!

    A few Saturday afternoons ago, we were having a BBQ outside for all the July birthdays in the month. As we put the BBQ ribs on the buffet table we suddenly had 2 dozen yellow jackets swarming the food table and people’s plates.

    Remembering a Pin I saw, I ran back into the house and grabbed a new bottle of Peppermint Extract and some cotton pads. I saturated a dozen cotton pads with the extract and lobbed them onto the food table and put one on each of the card tables we were eating at.

    The yellow jackets disappeared just as quickly as they had arrived and we didn’t see a single one for the rest of the day.

    Last week HH was putting a new roof on the shed and found a wasp nest. I called him inside and pinned a Peppermint Extract soaked cotton pad on the back of his shirt. He was rolling his eyes at me but he didn’t get a single sting.

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