Wash Tubs for ME!!

When Hubby went to an auction on the 15th, he called me from the auction and said, I know I have the suburban but I think you need to come and bring the truck.  REALLY??  He said, “Ya, I think I have something you want.”

He was right…a set of wash tubs!!

I’ve been wanting a set ever since I saw Mary’s at Country Threads.  They make awesome planters!!  Hers are a little different from mine but I am so-so happy with mine.  We had looked at antique shops and  flea markets but they’ve been about $80 and I just didn’t want to spend that much.  Hubby got this set for $37.50…much better.

I didn’t let it set long…I was to the nursery for plants in no time.

It’s already looking pretty good.  Stop back later today and I’ll show you how it’s looking with a little patio tour.

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