Warming this Momma’s Heart

Happy Mother’s Day weekend!!  I think I’d rather say Happy Female Role Model Day.  I think that would be more accurate.  I know many of you on Mother’s Day are reminded of the kids you lost and the kids you wished for.  My thoughts are with you.  I really wish it was Female Role Model Day as so many don’t have children yet are great role models for children across the world and they should be recognized as well.

Over the last week or so, my kids did some things that really warmed my heart.  I decided to share them with you all.  For me, these are all so much sweeter than any Mother’s Day gift or any other recognition as a parent.

Kelli posted this on her Facebook wall.

I know this is a completely accurate description of how Kelli sees herself when she comes home.  She’s told me many times.

I love that even with my adult kids, I can still ease some of the stress of life.

Kalissa posted…
these pictures of her and Gannon baking.

They were making a recipe that is a family favorite…my recipe for Fruit Brownie Dessert.  You can find the recipe HERE.

I love that my recipes live on with my kiddos.  I love that the tradition of baking with kids lives on.  I love that they include kids in household tasks just like we always did.

To me, that’s a real compliment.

Kayla had these pictures on her Facebook wall…

This is Jasper playing in a blanket tent that Spencer made using quilts that I made them.  The star quilt is from our book Country Girl Modern and the other is Perkimon Daydreams, a Bonnie Hunter quilt from THIS book.  Kelli helped me make that one.

I love that are using things I made.  I love that they are taking good care of Jasper and making him a priority.  I love it all!!  It truly warms this momma’s heart.

All of this is much better than a fancy Mother’s Day gift.  This is sharing from everyday life.  It warms my heart to know they think of me or things we did when they were kids.  Even better I like that they do all non-prompted.  None of this was prompted by a jewelry commercial making people feel guilty to buy something fancy.  It was all just every day and pieces of me were included in it.

It makes my heart happy.  I hope all of you can have a little glimpse of the impact you have made in the lives of others.  Seeing those glimpses is a true treasure!

12 thoughts on “Warming this Momma’s Heart”

  1. Dianne winter

    I am a mother all year but I do love them doing special for me if they wish. If not, that’s OK too. I am always their mom all year.
    Ba k when I was young I cooked lumpia, a Philippine dish. Up through the years as my kids could help, they did. They all learned to cook this dish and now they all cook it. It makes me feel so good so I know how you feel

  2. Happy mother’s day,Jo! Your family does many wonderful things for you and their love for you radiates through it all.

  3. Jo, you never cease to amaze me. You SO get real life and can always express what so many of us feel… it’s what draws me to read your blog everyday! Happy Mothers Day!

  4. Happy Mother’s Day Jo and to all the women who read your blog. Sometimes mothers are physically made but like you said, many are adopted. Women tend to befriend children, elderly and strangers who need a listening, caring ear. That’s what you are to me. I so loved the picture of the blanket tent. My three boys and I often made those tents and then climbed inside to play. My boys are your age now Jo. They are awful good to their mom and dad. Looking forward to your next post.

  5. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Happy Mother’s Day! It doesn’t take a blood-relationship to be a mom to someone. All my kids’ friends call me mom. Even now, when my soldier daughter was being deployed, her right-hand soldier needed a hug goodbye from her “mom” too. Warms my heart to be able to be a “mom” to many.

  6. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, you are a Blessed thoughtful woman. There are many single childless women who mother other people’s children. We should celebrate them also. You are right on about having your kids help you when they were little. It’s a fun way to teach them without nagging. I did it with my sister’s children and my own child. Now like you my grands. I enjoyed just about every bit of it.

  7. Happy Female Role Model Day! Love it and the name covers all woman whether they are moms of just wonderful supportive people. The pictures of your children and grandchildren covers it all. Happy Mothers Day Jo.

  8. Hi Jo
    I totally agree in changing Mothers Day to female role model day. Wonderful idea, as someone who has lost her Mum and daughters it would be less painful.
    I never knew you had a book published! so i immediately ordered it from Amazon, and feel excited to be able to get it tomorrow. I am teaching a new friend who during our first chat so wanted to learn how to quilt, and our friendship followed from then. We are so excited to meet up and stitch, and the book will be perfect, I will take the stash buckets over on my next visit and play!. Thank you Jo , you are definitely one of my role models in how you deal with whatever life throws at you. You deserve all the happiness your family give you.

  9. Nikki Moshier

    Thank you for thinking about some of us. I lost my mom in December so this is my first Mother’s Day without her. We didn’t have children. Today is just a sad day for me. You brightened it up. Thank you.

  10. Jo, I am new to your blog and don’t normally write but I wanted to thank you for your Mother’s Day wish. I am one of those females that don’t have children and wish I had. At almost 70 I don’t think that will change.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you.

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