Warming Herself

In the winter when the kids were all home, they would always lay in front of the heat vent and bask in the heat.

Ruby is no different.

As soon as the furnace kicks in, if Ruby is awake, she will run and lay in front of the vent and bask in the heat.   She doesn’t put her feet right on the vent like the kids did but she does lay in front of the vent.  It’s so cute to watch.

Isn’t Ruby getting big??

7 thoughts on “Warming Herself”

  1. She sure is growing up fast!
    When my kids where little they would get dress in front of the wood stove. We started calling it the magic woodstove because even if it didn’t have a fire going the kids would still bring there clothes out of there rooms and stand in front of it to get dressed as if that was the warmest spot in the house!

  2. Daisy Christopherson

    I have a 16 year old kitty named Micha and her favorite place to lay is under my china cabinet almost right on top of the heat vent. I think she likes to have warm bones these days. Animals are so smart aren’t they?

  3. I used to do that — I’d grab an afghan, put my feet on top of the register, and make a mini-heat tent for myself every morning.

  4. My cats do the same thing. They love the bathroom and my in front of my jelly cupboard. There is also a vent they can lay right on top of. The rule is they get half; Whitey is good about it, Cissy, not so much! I think it’s funny that dogs will do the same thing.

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