Warm Hands

When my daughter Kayla (from Kayla Ks Thrifty Ways) was home last, she brought this for me….a belated birthday present!
Can you guess what it is in the present?  Yes, of course, it is a mitten.  BUT it isn’t just any mitten…it’s a beautiful hand knit mitten that matches the one she gave me last year for my birthday. 
Yes…she did give one mitten last year and one mitten this year.  Let me tell you, I love them.  Kayla insisted that I wear them and not hang them as a decoration….and I am trying to honor that.  I hate when I give presents and people don’t use them….so I am wearing them …but I have been SUPER careful!  For how cold it’s been here in Iowa it sure is great to have warm hands and a daughter who knows how to knit.

6 thoughts on “Warm Hands”

    1. Aren’t they GREAT! I am so impressed with her for finishing them. I do feel guilty for accepting a present that took SO much work though. It is by far the hardest project that she has tackled.

    1. I absolutely love the mittens….I had the one mitten hanging in my kitchen for a whole year. I love how she wrapped the second mitten. The mittens are one of my favorite presents I have ever gotten! I know she put SO much work into them and I really appreciate it!

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