Walking a Mile (or more) in my Shoes

Last Saturday I was teaching at a conference in Owatonna, Minnesota.  Towards the end of the last class, something was going on with my shoe.  I couldn’t tell if a sticky something was on my shoe, or if the shoe was falling apart.

I didn’t want to stop class and check it out so I just kept teaching.  After the class finished, I checked my shoe…it was falling apart.  If fact, it had cracked in two.


Duct tape to the rescue!!  Thankfully I happen to have some duct tape in my class supply box.  Kelli taped the shoe up for me and then we were on with the rest of out day.  I wore them for another five hours before we made it home.  Kelli, of course, made fun of me the entire time.  It was a little embarrassing walking around in duct taped shoes but eventually, I just took it in stride.

I had thought about replacing the shoes at the beginning of this summer but decided they weren’t completely worn out so why…Well they are in the garbage now, so new sandals for next summer!!

I loved those shoes….may they rest in peace.

10 thoughts on “Walking a Mile (or more) in my Shoes”

  1. Don’t ya just love the way our kids make fun of us? When they get to be our age, they will understand the value of a pair of good, comfortable shoes.

  2. Sandy A in St. Louis

    Oh no! That happened to a friend of mine recently while she was shopping at Joann’s. Didn’t stop her, either, she kept on shopping! Good luck finding another pair you like. I looked all summer and couldn’t find anything that either wasn’t too teenish or old lady-ish. :) Have to look again next Spring.

  3. Mikhaila, my daughter would fit right in with you! She loves duct tape on her shoes – she has one pair with silver duct tape and she has a pair with bright teal. She wears them with pride and she sort of looks like a marshian with the silver ones- like back when we had moon boots. i would say wear the shoees with pride! LOL You can wear them around the house at least- they are cool looking shoes!

  4. Duct tape fixes everything…LOL Have you seen all the colors?? I’m thinking black would be less obvious and you can keep em! Just kidding!!!!

  5. Did you wave when you drove by our house on I35?

    My answer for the shoes for the day would have been to tape them both so they matched!

  6. Pat C in Washingon

    Duct tape is a running joke in our family. My brother (in his late 50’s) had his Bible that he got when he was in grade school, that he had repeatedly mended with duct tape, and he would proudly take it to church every Sunday, and teach from it in Bible study every week. My sister in law would just roll her eyes and comment that he could perfectly well afford a new Bible but he was sentimentally attached to that one. Actually it was a great conversation-starter.

  7. Too funny……..I too just experienced a blow out with my favorite pair of sandle type shoes!!

    Great blog…..I’ve been sneaking around it behind the scenes!! HA!

  8. “Use it up, Wear it out, make it do, or do without!”
    Now that’s the recipe for the kind of thinking that turns us into unhealthy hoarders. So I’m cheering that you wisely used a quick repair, but then you were able to let go of them and throw them out to make room for something nicer next summer.

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