Wait, Wait, GO!!

I’ve had some projects on my to-do list.  They are big projects and I can’t do them alone.  They are actually construction-type projects.  I’ve had my name on a list for a long time…in some cases before Kramer passed away in 2019.

These are all things that I keep telling myself have to get done before I can retire…who am I kidding, I’ll never retire.  I’ll rephrase that, these are the things that have to get done before I can slow down…who am I kidding.  These are the things I want to get done.

1-lawn fixed
2-kitchen lights fixed
3-back garage fixed
4-add shower to main floor bathroom
5-get a new vehicle

These things have all been on my list for some time.  The lawn is the thing that’s been on the list for forever…  I’ve asked and asked for dirt to come but it hasn’t happened.  FINALLY, it did!!

Most of it went in that hole that came several years ago.  On our property there used to be another house.  That house was torn down and buried.  Well, that dirt settled and made a hole…so I needed dirt to fill it.

We dug a hole, then burned and buried the part of our house that we tore off.  It’s slightly dipped in the lawn.  I had the driver put a bit of dirt there.

The kids loved watching the dirt be unloaded.

You can see a bit of my back garage showing in the photo above.  That’s the garage I wanted to be fixed.

Believe it or not, the next day the carpenters showed up to work on that!!

Of course, every project has a hang-up.  The added expense to this was that I had to buy a new people door.  UGH.  I’ve done enough projects to know that every one has a hang-up or added expense.

The garage had old wood siding on it.  That came off.

You can see how bad the siding was looking.

The guys are still working on this. I can’t wait until it’s finished.

That leaves three more projects on my list once these are finished.  I’m sure there will be more wait-waits until it’s finally a GO!

9 thoughts on “Wait, Wait, GO!!”

  1. Happy, Happy to being able to start marking off your list. If you are like most of us, we mark one off only to add another, but good start. You are fortunate to have the space and the old garage and it will all look great when done.

  2. Good that folks are showing up and progress is being made. I know the feeling. Apparently many people during the pandemic (and still) decided to do house improvement projects and tradesmen are super busy, “backed up” with work, which includes supplies, like lumber and parts. My husband and I started a master bathroom project—simply replacing a double sink bathroom countertop, not even changing the fixtures—in mid February and due to postponements, including that required reordering a “lost” sink the countertop guys couldn’t locate and eventually discovered was installed in another project by mistake, the plumber just finished today, almost May! I like your notion of “hang-ups.” We call them “”might’s wells.” You get into a job and they come to you with an issue–rotted wood that wasn’t noted ’til the siding came off, whatever, all legit—and we end up saying, “Might’s well do it now.” What’s nice is knowing you will enjoy the benefits for years to come.

  3. I’ve thought about purchasing a new car so it will be paid off by the time I retire. With the chip shortage that auto manufacturer’s have now, and the increased demand from the rental companies to restock their fleets, it makes more sense to wait a couple years. I am fortunate in that I can make my car last. I hope you can, too. These two projects you’re doing now will hopefully make you feel that your outdoors area is shiny and new. :-)

  4. Just looking at the picture of the truck delivering your soil reminded me of a project we did on our first house. We needed a load of gravel brought around behind the house – and, unbeknownst to us, there was a dry well about a foot below the lawn. There was (rotting) lumber on top, covered by dirt, strong enough to hold a few humans, but not the weight of a loaded dump truck! One of the back wheels found it and went through, up to the axle….

  5. I am envious of that rich-looking, dark soil that you had delivered!!! WOW! That will grow grass etc. like crazy. I’m stuck with clay, clay, and more clay – we do quite a bit of amending when needed.
    Good for you to cross off a couple of items – good luck with the rest!

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