Waffle Iron Woes

Monday was a no school day here.  School was closed for a teacher in-service day.  What a fun day!! I miss the older kids…miss them a lot.  If I have my ideal I would be a preschool aged provider but with things the way they are in my area, I end up with babies to three year olds for the most part-which leaves me missing the preschoolers.

It was busy but at the end of nap time I realized I would have enough time to make a batch of Waffle Cookies.  The kids love them and think they are a big treat.  So I started mixing up the dough and then got the waffle iron and plugged it in.

My waffle iron is OLD…really OLD.  I bought it used.  I think I bought it back in 1992 or so.  It was old when I bought it.

It’s made more waffle cookies than it has waffles.  With it only being big enough to make two waffles, it couldn’t keep up with the family.

I later bought a warming pan and then made waffles it.  Still, it’s been mostly for waffle cookies.

About 10 years ago, something terrible happened.  The leg broke off.  I was bummed.  I set it next to the garbage in the junk room intending on asking Hubby how we preferred we dispose of it.  We were living at the farm then.  There was an iron pile and I didn’t know if it should go there or what.

In the mean time, I bought a different waffle iron at the thrift stores.  Neither of them worked like my trusty old one did.  It didn’t heat evenly.  No matter what I did, everything stuck.  UGH.  I had forgotten to tell Hubby about the old one with the broken leg so that night at supper I told him I bought the new(used) one I had bought.  I told him about the broken leg.

He knew I was bummed and missed the waffle iron….so after supper I was washing dishes and he came into the kitchen with this….My waffle iron with a new wooden leg.

I’ve loved that waffle iron even more.

Fast forward to Monday.  I had the waffle cookie batter all made.  The waffle iron was plugged in to heat…but no heat.  I wiggled and jiggled.  I worked and worked with it.  No luck.  No luck at all.  I was sad.  I had dough and no way to use it but worse….no waffle iron.

I ended up putting the batter in a cake pan and made “brownies” with it.  They taste fine but still not as good as a waffle cookie.

So what’s a girl to do?  I need a waffle iron.

I’m willing to pay more money to get the exact waffle iron.  I want one that won’t stick but I don’t want a “non-stick” (I know that sounds dumb but I’ve never been a fan of teflon).  I want one that will make four waffles at once.  I do not want a “belgian” waffle maker.  I don’t want circles.  I want one that heats through evenly.  I don’t need removable plates. If it’s a wonderful waffle iron it’s okay if it does have plates. I likely won’t use them thought. Darn it.  I really want my old one.

I am not a girl who ever wants change and new things especially when I loved what I had.  I would never buy one if I didn’t HAVE to.  Oh my.  I want this new one to last as long as the last one did.  I’m thinking about sticking it out for a month or two and seeing if one shows up a the thrift store but honestly, I rarely see them there.  So I might have to settle on something new.

Any recommendations??

So if you’re a new reader you might we wondering “what are waffle cookies?”.  You can find the recipe here.  They are WONDERFUL!!..but alas.  None for our house unless I can find a waffle iron.

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  1. Lynne Nicholson UK

    I thought my favourite old electrical gadget had died so I tried changing the fuse in the plug, crossed my fingers, and plugged it in and hooray it worked.

    My dad gave me these tips

    1. Change fuse
    If that doesn’t work
    2. Rewire plug from scratch (cut off an inch of old flex in case of damage within the part within the plug) and put in another new fuse (in case the first one got blown)
    3. If fuse reblows or item still doesn’t work and it’s worth the cost to you ask an electrical repair man to change the flex and test if it works.
    Only if those three steps don’t work do you need your new purchase

  2. Oh my mom made waffle cookies all the time oh yum! I totally understand I had my moms and it gave out on me also and know I struggle with the sticking and not evenly getting done! So I’ll be interested to see what other have to say..

  3. Possibly just the cord? I checked Amazon (got there from the blog ) and they do have cords with the big plug that goes into the appliance. It’s worth a try to keep some of the old appliances going. New ones don’t seem to do as well as the old ones sometimes. I have a friend with a 70 year old toaster still going with a new plug! The leg story reminded me of someone I knew with the same leg problem on her electric fry pan. Remember the old Tone’s metal spice cans? That was her replacement!

  4. I have that same waffle iron! I don’t like change either but if it doesn’t work…
    Wait till closer to Christmas (Black Fri.) I bought 2 waffle irons for $10.00 each (had to pay more and got a rebate) and gave them as Christmas gifts. Just watch the fliers.

  5. I once found a waffle iron at a garage sale. Made four at a time and it was not a Belgian. Used it many years and then it quit. Then I found the exact one again! I was so happy! That one eventually quit too. Finally had to buy a new one and I just don’t like it as well. We’ve been married 47 years and I wish for that old waffle maker. I know just what you’re talking about, Jo!

  6. Did you look on eBay?
    A lot of the gals I sew with love the old, old Sunbeam irons and they find them on eBay. Maybe there are waffle irons like yours on there.

    Also. do you one of the neighborhood app groups for your area? Maybe someone has one they aren’t using.
    and did you tell your childcare parents? Maybe a grandma has one they aren’t using and would donate theirs to you.

  7. I wonder if you could find the same one on EBAY although shipping would probably be costly. Can you put out a “want” for this same waffle iron on Craigs list? I’ve never used Craigs list so have no idea if that is a possibility.

  8. Old waffle irons are the best. I loved my original Westinghouse waffle maker from the 1960s I burned it out years ago and haven’t had a good one since. I bought a new one recently off Walmart.com. Sigh. They don’t make them like the old days. The plates won’t stay attached. It doesn’t cook them until they are just crisp.

  9. My waffle iron is over 40 years old and still going strong, think I need to try those cookies. Interesting idea making cookies in a waffle iron. Maybe you will find one at the second hand stores or even the antique mall that is the same as yours. Good luck with the search.

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