Hey you all…check this out.  On Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting Facebook page the have two quilts that they are debating on putting on their front cover.

Photo: We're debating which Quilty Nov/Dec '14 cover we like more. What are your thoughts? Vote for your favorite cover here:

They are asking for viewer input.  Would you rather have cover #1 or cover #2.  They have a link HERE that you can vote.

Kelli and are having a discussion over which one we should vote for…  She thinks she’ll vote for #2 as it is our design…I’ll be honest…I think I’ll vote for #2 too.  It would be awesome to be cover girls again.

Which quilt would you vote for??

21 thoughts on “Voting…”

  1. Well, I voted for #2, came back and discovered it was yours.
    You did a great job with the design and color elements.
    Hope you win!!!

  2. Love cover #2. Went and voted and came back here to look at the cover again. Just love it soo much, the bright colors and the clean lines. Thanks, ladies, for designing it.

  3. Wow! I didn’t know this was your design. I just voted for #2 because the design had a bold, graphic punch and the color was appropriate for a Nov/Dec issue.

    The other quilt is v.nice, too, but the soft pink & grey seemed more appropriate for spring.

  4. Before I knew #2 was your design, I would have picked it anyway. The red, white, and green quilt is vibrant and jumps off the cover. It is very much a “Quilty” style of quilt. Great job! Now I’ll go vote for the cover with your quilt!

  5. I voted for #2 cause I like you ladies and enjoy your blog. Also, it helps that your design is the best by far! lol. Love it!!!

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