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I do very few things that are a “waste of time”….little television watching….little down time…very little “do nothing” time.  I did get hooked on something though….  Vivacious Victorian.

You all know that I love old houses….REALLY love old houses.  You know how I love WOODWORK of old houses.  You know Hubby loves it too so it makes it extra special as we share the interest.

Well somehow I stumbled across a Facebook page called Vivacious Victorian.  (Find the Facebook page here)  That lead me the website.  (Find the website here)  WOW…I was in love just like that.  The blog features a couple who bought an old Victorian house and are working to renovate it.  WOW…that is totally what I love.

This is the house they are fixing….


I have gone back through the archives and have been trying to read from the beginning.  I highly suggest that if you want to check it out that you start with the “start here” page.

I felt totally attached to the blog when Amy said that they fell in love with the house after peeking in and seeing this.  They said they really didn’t care what the rest of house looked like…this staircase clicked with them.


My house is nothing compared to this…nothing at all.  BUT…I felt the same way when I saw this….the divide between our toy room and dining room.  It made this house click with us.


I was sold on our house.  Hubby was too.  I’m into reading about the first room they renovated….the kitchen.  That was what we did first too.  I can relate to so many of the stories that Amy tells about their remodel.  It make me relive part of our saga and appreciate all the work we’ve done to date.

If you love reading about old house…if you love remodeling…if you love rags to riches stories, you will love the blog.  It is my new guilty pleasure.  I love it!!

Pictures courtesy of Vivacious Victorian.

6 thoughts on “Vivacious Victorian”

  1. One of my favorite books about renovating Old Victorian houses was called Dreaming In The Dust. I love looking at the older Victorian homes.

  2. The staircase looks a lot like the staircase I fell in love with in our house. Our staircase is curved. The dining room has wonderful wood too, including a thick plate rail, a large bay window and pocket doors. After seeing the downstairs I was in love. I didn’t notice that we had no closets in the bedroom and had to build them. I still love my house 41 years later.

  3. Fond memories for me as that is when I started following your blog, when you had just bought your house and were doing renovations on it. I have been hooked ever since! .

  4. Thank you, Jo, for mentioning this site! I can’t wait to dive into it – what fun!! And, your house is lovely- I’ve enjoyed following along with your story too! o:)

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