Early last week my blog reader and friend Connie said she had Friday off and thought about making a day trip to come my way and pick up charity quilts.  That idea thrilled me.  I was a little sad it wouldn’t be a weekend day and I could visit but, happily, I’ll take what I can get.

I had a full house of childcare kids as it was a no school day so I called Kalissa and asked if she would pop over and help with the kids while the visitors were here.  She said sure…

Here’s Connie and I loving up on Carver.  Connie was such a help.  Silly Carver cried when I held him but was just perfect for Connie.  I think Connie has moved to “Aunt Connie” status.  Carver loved her.  Connie brought her man Dave to keep her company on the drive but he wasn’t real eager to get his picture taken.


While Connie was here, Doreen came.  You might remember that Doreen is the Quilt of Valor lady in our area.


After the last Quilt of Valor presentation I had questions if I could find homes for more Quilt of Valor items and the answer was YES!!  Doreen is happy to accept any donations from patriotic type colored fabric, to backings, to battings to thread.  If you don’t have anyone in your area you’d like to give it to, send it on to me and I’ll forward in on to Doreen.

A couple blog readers did just that.  Check out this finished quilt for Betty in Canada.  Yep.  A Canadian lady sent a quilt to honor an American soldier.  How cool was that??  Doreen said that the quilt was a little bit smaller that traditional Quilts of Valor but she has a home for quilts this size too and would get the quilt there.  I love the way the strings connect from block to block…so cute.


Another box came in my mail that Doreen picked up.  This on had the making for two Quilts of Valor…backings, bindings and even a money donation.  Doreen took that box with her.  She has her own network of volunteers that will complete the quilts and send present them to retired military in the area.

These came from Blue Earth, MN.  Try as we might, we didn’t find any identification in the box of who made them.  All I can say, is THANK YOU.  You generosity is very much appreciated.  We didn’t unfold the tops.  We wanted you all to be amazed and see them once they were presented.


Doreen made her way back to my house but not before leaving me and the childcare kiddos with goodies…pencils and notepads for the kids…a wonderful nut mix and fabric goodies for me including some batiks, a cute kids piece of fabric and fat quarters.  I’m so spoiled.  When Doreen was here she mentioned “bucket list” items and a batik quilt is a bucket list item for me.  I’m waiting for the perfect inspiration.

Anyway…all that happened while Connie and Dave were here too.  What a busy day!!

The kids were napping through part of it but then awake the rest…Kalissa did a good job keeping the occupied but they all wanted to see the visitors too.  Connie’s visit was all to short.  She did take a huge pile of charity quilts with her.  She has a small army of helpers who volunteered to help with the bindings.  I don’t envy her….I sent a big stack with her.

I am forever humbled by the good people who have come into my life through blogging.  Today was one of those times.

Connie of course left me with a present for my birthday.  Can you believe I haven’t touched it and won’t open it until my birthday???  I do.  I can be pretty good with will power for everything except dieting.

Here it sits.


Hmm…I do wonder what it is though!

Connie brought me about a half bolt of fabric that is going to be great for charity quilt backings too.  I almost felt bad taking it but she explained she bought it on a yard sale with this type of use in mind.  It is going to be awesome.  I often struggle with finding enough backing fabric and something will look good with the quilt.  I hate to simply slap something on after people have put such hard work into making a beautiful top.  THANKS Connie…this is going to back several quilts!!!

Connie got loaded up with charity quilts for binding and left for her 2 1/2 hour drive home.  We’re making plans to sew together some time…we don’t know when though.  Sometime before the new year I hope but you know how it is…from now until the end of the year gets pretty busy.

After she left I didn’t feel very hospitable.  I didn’t show her the house, offer them a drink or anything….UGH.  It was so chaotic!

After Connie left, I noticed that the neighbor girl who has walked Ruby had come over.  Kalissa had talked to her and she was playing with the childcare kids.  Then she told me that she was spending her no school day at home alone.  Her cat died while she was home.  She was really sad.  I felt so bad for her….there is a little good news in the mix though.  She came to my house when she felt bad.  I’ve been working with and friending her so that she’d have a safe place to come should she need someone.   I’m so glad she came.  I’m not sure Kalissa and I were much comfort with all that was going on but I actually think the childcare children were.  She’s such a sweet girl and I’ve really come to like her.  I wished there was something more I could have done rather than just be here.

So that was Friday.  Chaos and fun…and a little sadness all thrown in one.  Thanks so much Connie, Dave and Doreen and all the people who donated quilts tops that prompted their visits.

Sometimes blogging is hard.  It’s a big commitment.  I’m often writing when I’m tired or have other things I should be doing.  There are snarky comments from readers now then do deal with too.  All that is balanced out by good days like this day and all the good people too.

9 thoughts on “Visitors”

  1. Colleen C. Yarnell

    I dont comment a lot. I barely seem to have time to read. But I enjoy your blog so much. You seem like such normal and real people! We have a lot in common with quilting kids and thrifting/antiquing. I say take every negative remark as a compliment. Those are from people going through something in their life that gives them negative feelings and they feel safe sharing them with you. Because you are such a caring person.

  2. OH!! I am so sorry to hear of the little girl’s cat. Dave had thought that something was wrong. I sure wish we had known that, Dave would have been the perfect person for her to talk to. Big hugs to her. I will pray that a cat wanders in her life and picks her to love. We had a great time. Being there with all the kids and babies was fun! I will take “Aunt Connie” any day.

  3. Looks like you had a very busy day. But it was filled with lots of good things. I’m sorry to hear about the little girl losing her cat. So sad. Big hugs for her. Also sorry to hear about some negative comments. You do so much good work. Just keep thinking positive and surround yourself with positive people and those negative ones won’t matter. I think you are pretty amazing. You share so much of yourself with us, and do so much charitable work. You are a real blessing!!

  4. I am so sorry about the girl’s cat. I have been through that and it is tough. I so admire all that you do and can’t even imagine all the lives that you and your family touch.

  5. Thanks for sharing life with us, Jo. So enjoy your blog. I can count on you to have at least one daily post and its like a visit with a friend!
    Sorry to hear of the loss of a cat but so glad the little girl has you for a neighbor. You do so much! Be surrounded by the love of your family and friends and let those snarky comments go!

  6. What a complement that your neighbour’s daughter felt able to come round to you when her cat died. Imagine how horrid it would have been if she had stayed at home all alone. Lovely that she arrived in the middle of such hustle and bustle to take her mind off the cat. Well done on moving so many charity quilts along.

  7. I don’t often comment, but I have to add that I enjoy your blog so much. You’re the neighbor I wish I had, the quilting friend that shares my tastes, the intrepid antique-r I wish I was, and the giving person I aspire to be. I sit down with my cup of coffee in the morning, and I’m so happy to read what you are up to. Thank you for blogging and please don’t ever let the snarksters get to you. You have a loving and appreciative audience, even though some of us don’t comment all the time.

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