Visiting the Muscatine Quilt Guild

Last week Kelli and I went on a little adventure about 3 hours south of us to the Muscatine, Iowa quilt guild.  Thursday night we did a trunk show and then Friday we taught a class.

The quilt they decided to tackle was our Golden Sunset quilt from Quiltmaker magazine.  It was an ambitious project and the ladies jumped right into it.

Deb is on the right.  She was our hostess and what a neat lady.  I honestly could fill up a few days of blog posts with all the quilts, wall hangings and goodies she had at her house.  She’s got a great eye for color and doesn’t seem to be afraid to try anything.  I never thought I would make an art quilt-but after seeing her’s, I’m rethinking that a bit.





As we taught, we learned too.  It’s fun for us to learn…Did you  know that handle here on the picture below on the ruler is actually a cheap bath handle that you can buy at a home improvement store??  I didn’t.  The gals even let me test it out and I think I am going to pick one up.  I liked it!!


Kelli and I both loved the color combination that was happening here.  The black and pink look great together.


Deb’s husband is quite a talent.  He make these spool holders for cone thread.


Here’s Aunt Joan-one of the three Joan’s in the group.  She opted to fussy cut the middle of her blocks.


Here’s our group.  This was taken earlier in the day as a few gals had to leave early.


What a fun group.  Thanks for having us ladies.

2 thoughts on “Visiting the Muscatine Quilt Guild”

  1. Melon Patchers had a wonderful time with you as well! Jo & Kelli are so much fun! I have to let Mandy know there is a picture of her first block on here. She is so proud and now has the tools to finish her first quilt ever! Thanks again, ladies!!

  2. I attended Jo and Kelli’s presentation to the Muscatine Melon Patchers meeting on Thursday, March 27. It was a terrific program with lots of quilts, information and fun humor. They give a great program that any quilt guild would enjoy.

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