Visiting Some Old Friends…well old cabinets actually

Kayla was home this weekend.  It was for a quick visit.  She was here to meet up with a college friend and attend the Lissie concert at Seed Savers in Decorah.  Lissie is a known singer and makes Decorah her home.  Kayla loves the music and loves that she is famous yet seems “normal”.

In the morning when she got here I suggested a thrift store run.  I needed to get groceries and we both love thrifting.  I also had a secret plot to go out to a sale north of Decorah.  They do a lot of vintage/antique/farmhouse stuff.  The place is called Market 52 and they have periodic sales.  They also go the junking tour traveling here and there selling their wares.

I follow them on Facebook and saw she had this for sale….

I REALLY liked it.  Of course I didn’t have a place for it.  Then I thought of the living room for the TV.  I have the buffet but am open to something different.  I worried that it might be to tall so I asked for the measurement but they were busy and didn’t get back to me.  I thought being Kayla and I were going to Decorah, we’d just run out and look.  It was priced at $325 which was more than I wanted to spend but I had a curious mind and wanted to check it out anyway.

Then while I waited for Kayla to arrive, Market 52 posted this…
It’s much the same.  This was from their “Fixer Upper” barn.  This one was $75.  Well that’s more my price range and I can paint it to mimic the one I liked.  Now I wanted to go for sure.
So when Kayla got here, I told her wanted to do.  She was on board so off we went.

Here is that gray pie safe…it was too tall for the TV to be on.  I sure did like it though.

They had many nice things….I left most of them though.  I know I want to get a couple little flower something like this once we get the shelves for the living room up.

Or these…so cute.  I’m not big into fake flower but these looked real.

Then I saw these!!!!!!!!!!!  These are the trim pieces for my house.  AHH.  I ended up asking if she had more of these.  I wanted on without the hook.  She dug around and found one.  Ah.  I would have taken four.  One is start though.

Then I took some time to visit some old friends.  See this cupboard?  Kalissa bought it long ago and fixed it up.  She later sold it at the antique booth.  Market 52 bought it.

Here is how it looked when Kalissa bought it.
She painted it the teal color.  Read about it HERE.  The owner of Market 52 has had it for a bit.  She mainly uses it for a display piece.  She painted the inside the pretty cream color.  I think that looks awesome.

Here’s another piece I had to visit.  
Do you remember when Kramer went to an auction and tried to buy this???
Read about it HERE.  Here are the pictures we took of it from the day of the auction…Man we loved that piece.

He had bid up to $1200 for it.  We really thought we might get it but nope…the people from Market 52 got it instead.  I asked him about moving it.  He said it was about the hardest thing he’s ever had to move.  It sure did look nice at their place.  He said all they did was hose it down and gave it a good scrub.

Of all the things that Kramer bid on and lost, this was one he did regret.  I love it but was okay with not getting it.  I don’t think we’d have ever gotten it down in our basement.

Kayla and I said good bye to the furniture we visited and made our way back to Decorah.  She was up for Sushi (vegetarian style)…and a trip to the yarn shop.  Then it was groceries and back home.  Happily her friend came early and I got to visit with her.

For those who are curious…
Market 52 is located on Highway 52 north of Decorah, Iowa.  They have periodic sales at their home.  The next ones coming up are:
September 6th-8th
October 4th-6th

It’s a fun girls day out…I will be watching their Facebook page to see if anything catches my eye.

3 thoughts on “Visiting Some Old Friends…well old cabinets actually”

  1. That second cabinet you showed, the one with the door off its hinges, is the twin to mine. Fixed up a little more & with the door put back on it looks to be in better shape than mine. The doors were attached on mine & it had been refinished so needless to say I paid quite a bit more than $75. But I love it!

  2. I love that people are making a living selling previously loved items. Ran into a friend at a vintage shop and she was setting up her 4th booth at a flea market type place. It’s a full time job for sure. Shopping, buying, fixing up, selling, repeat.

  3. I have bought many such cabinets and used them for my TV stand. With most of our furniture being recliners its nice to have the TV up higher so when you recline you don’t have to look threw your feet to see the screen. I also love having the storage for quilts, the DVD player etc….. I really like the look of the first cabinet but you are really handy and could easily fix the second one up and make it go. Market 52 sounds interesting.

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