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When we went to Cedar Rapids for my niece’s benefit we had time to kill in between the time we had to drop the silent auction items off at and what time the benefit started so we made plans to stop at our son Buck’s house.  He has been remodeling his house and we thought we’d check out what he’s been up to.

Before we even got to his house we stopped at an estate sale that was across the road from his house.  The first thing I noticed when we walked in were this set of bowls.  Anyone who collects dishes knows that these are vintage Fire King nesting bowls.  I know Kayla has been looking for a set.  We found these for $50.  I messaged her and yes, she wanted them.


Kayla has been looking for some for a long time.  They can be pretty pricey though.  She hasn’t seen them for under $100.  This was a deal.

Kayla loves all this glass, nesting bowl, Fire King and Pyrex.

After the estate sale we went to Buck’s.  He has ripped his house apart to the point that he can’t really live there.  He installed this tile in the bathroom.  He hasn’t done anything like that before but with a little hands on tutorial from his buddy, he figured it out.


That built his confidence so he went on and did the kitchen and bathroom floor.

He’s planning a whole kitchen remodel now.  You know how it is…you start one project and it leads to more and more projects.  The cupboards are going to get painted white…new sink, counter tops and appliances too.  He’s trying to do a lot himself or calling in favors from buddies and helping them.


Here’s his back deck….

Cover with JUNK!  He said he’s working up to getting a full load for a run to the dump.


From there he showed us his upstairs bathroom….

I forgot to take a picture but that too was ripped apart.  Completely ripped apart.  He said while waiting for people to show up to help him get his downstairs projects figured our, he got bored and ripped apart the upstairs bathroom too.  Oh my!

He’s making some amazing improvements and once they are done, he’ll have all the “problem” areas of his house tackled.  The value of his house will for sure increase.

I remember being ambitious and wanting to rip and remodel.  Thank goodness I have passed that stage.  I’m not interested in remodeling anymore-ever again.  Refinish a piece of furniture, that’s great…house remodeling, no thank you.

10 thoughts on “Visiting Buck”

  1. Buck is doing a fabulous job and saving tons of money in the process! I love doing home improvement projects since it feels so good to do it yourself and you know how much money you are saving! I hope you will post pictures of the finished projects!

  2. I had a set of those bowls. They are gorgeous. I found my best sources were estate sales but harder to do if you work 9-5. Back in the working days, we haunted all the garage sales and what sales we could get to on Saturday morning.

    Buck is learning skills that will last him his whole life. You sure raised a bunch of hard working, interesting kids.

  3. I agree with Ana. You sure did raise a bunch of great kids that are great adults! Cheers to you and your hubby!

  4. Those bowls are classic and what a great price. I enjoyed seeing all the work that Buck is doing on his home. We have done lots of projects on various homes that we have owned and I must admit I hated the dust form plaster, slats etc but the finished project always made us proud that we could do it our selves. Hope we get to see his kitchen when its done. I also think you have raised some wonderful kids.

  5. Beautiful tile and great ideas for the kitchen. I had to chuckle about getting a full load ready to go to the dump. Those of us who have done renovation work have been there.

  6. Has Buck thought of recycling any of his “junk”? Some things looked like “Free Cycle”
    or “Habitat for Humanity Restore” items. I even know one man who has made a business out of selling toilet tank lids-seems they are often dropped and broken. What an enterprising group you all are. I’ve been a DIY er out of necessity but have met others who don’t even know how to change an outlet plate.

  7. Love Buck’s choice of tiles in bathroom and kitchen and looking forward to seeing further progress photos of his magnificent handiwork!

  8. Male Nesting! He has a girlfriend? If not I bet one discovers him soon! Less than a yr after my husband finished refinishing a kitchen and porch addition he added on I ‘found him”

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