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On Friday Kalissa had a doctor’s appointment in Waterloo.  She had worked an overnight shift the night before so I offered to drive her to the appointment.  I hate for her to drive after working the overnight shift especially if it’s a long trip which it is if we go to Waterloo.  I told her I didn’t mind a bit taking her but the deal was I got to go to the Vintage Venture sale at The Twisted Sisters on the way home.

The Twisted Sisters host my favorite sale in the world.  It has all sorts of vintage goodies and antiques.

I didn’t get a chance to take many pictures so I took these from their Facebook page.  (You can find their page HERE)

If you were looking for big wardrobes and cabinets, oh my, they had them.

They hold the sale in a big shed that used to be a horse barn.

The gals pick the best things…all things I would love to own.  I love the big red cupboard.

Here is a better picture of it.

That wainscotting cupboard…be still my heart.

I really liked this…Kalissa and I measured it and I’ve been measuring places around the house where I might be able to put it.  Ah!!  So tempting.

Big cabinets like this are a HUGE weakness for me.

Kalissa was excited about the pink dresser…but like me, we don’t have much space left in our houses.

I tried to be fast because Kalissa needed to get home so she could sleep.

…but how does one be fast when there are so many goodies to take in.

I should have bought this red cart…As of my writing this, it’s the first day of the sale.  I might go back and get the red cart.  I think it would look great out on my front porch with plants in it…or in the house with quilts in it.  It’s red and I’m all about red!!

I need at an hour to look if not longer.  I was looking for picture frames but didn’t find one for my All Creatures Great and Small.

I loved this secretaray.

Couldn’t believe how many cat things there were.

I looked at quilt tops and linens.  They had fabric I would t have looked through if I had more time.

Kalissa liked this cabinet.  The doors were her favorite.

This shelf tempted me.  I thought of putting quilts in the bottom and knick-knacks on the other shelves.

The outside was decorated for Fall…

…and there were LOTS of goodies outside including a great bargain shopping section.  If I lived in the country I would have bought one of the two big carts they had and would have planted them FULL of flowers.

It was a fast shopping time…but still fun.  Going to their sales is always my favorite time of the year!!  I have another story to tell about the day in another blog post…stay tuned.

13 thoughts on “Vintage Venture”

  1. Hi Jo, good job I live in the UK, otherwise I would be broke, as I would of bought everything outside in the bargain area!! Out of curiosity what had they priced the quilts at? A couple caught my greedy eyes. Just loved the trolley, definitely my cup of tea. Looking forward to your follow up about the day and your possible purchased goodies?

  2. I would need at least a couple hours there to look around…. it looks like my kind of place with so many primitives…..heaven!!!

  3. Thank you so much for letting us shop vicariously with you! What fun it would be to go to that sale! I was reminded that years ago my father’s cousin and her husband lived in Waterloo, about the time that rock and roll song with the same name came out. Their kids (my second cousins) used to sing it to us.

  4. Oh wow! I saw some things that I liked too. I certainly understand why you like going to this sale. I am sure you could spend some time looking through it all. Fun!

  5. Oh! jo, Do go back and buy that Red cart. I would love it, hopefully its still there. every time i pass a wanted treasure up when i go back its gone….. we don`t see a lot of wonderful primitives like that in California. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh man, if I wasn’t so far away I would come get you and we’d go shopping! Looks like Heaven to me. Yes, you need that red cart!

  7. That red cart is very cute! Just sayin’. LOL! In the photo above it is a double washtub…I think that would be cute as an outdoor planter, too.

  8. Jo, about jalapeños…in our garden they are prolific also. I make corn bread in a big cast iron skillet, heat 1/4 cup of corn oil to 450, and I mix together coarsely chopped jalapeños with cornmeal, No eggs ,some baking soda, water to make a thick batter, and perhaps some melted butter. Preheat the skillet with corn oil, then (use a hot pad!) put it in the oven, immediately adjust the temperature to 350, and bake until the top has little cracks and the batter is done. Depends on the skillet, I have a big one. My kids used to squabble over this corn bread, if my husband didn’t get it first. Best of luck!

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