Vintage Thursday: My Auction Quilt

On Saturday I went to an auction.  Hubby wanted furniture to refinish but had to work so he sent me.  Friday night we went to the auction preview and he gave me a list of things he was interested and a suggested amount to pay….I didn’t mind, but I also couldn’t resist a few things for me too.

I had seen this old wool quilt.  It was folded up and  hanging over a head board.  I hadn’t opened it up.  I was trying really hard to stick to Hubby’s list.  The things he wanted were potentially going to add up to quite a bit of money so I was trying to stay in a budget.  Then, the auctioneers opened up this quilt.

AH…it was in a barn raising setting which is my all time favorite.

The bidding started.  The auctioneer called for a $50 bid.  No takers.  $40-no takers…$25 no takers then I thought really…well I’ll bid.  Just as I was raising my hand the auctioneer said $10 and I had the bid.


Then I thought…oh dumb Jo…you don’t even know what shape it is in….Oh I would risk it-right??  The bid rose.  Now it was $17.50 and it was my bid.

I was happy…would it go higher???


It is only a quilt top.  It’s all hand stitched.  The fabrics that were used for foundations are awesome too.  The bidding rose and I ended up getting it for $22.50.  Ruby was outside with me when I was taking pictures and insisted that she pose on the quilt but she was so distracted outside and wouldn’t look at me.


I am SO happy with the purchase.  This quilt is definitely a keeper!!

About the other things at the auction….Let’s just put it this way, I bought enough things to showcase on Vintage Thursday’s for LONG time.  Today I am hooking up with Colorado Lady’s Vintage Thursday and No Minimalist Here.

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  1. I am always amazed by all the treasures that you find—–the quilt is stunning——-I love this pattern too….

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