Vintage Thursday: Grandma’s Buffalo Pottery

My husband is the only boy in his family and has five sisters.  We live further away, have cattle chores, younger children and such so when his mom passed away his sisters did a lot of the sorting and cleaning.  We helped a few times but for the most part, they did the chunk of the work.  As they were cleaning and sorting through the estate, they would save “boyish” things for him…his Dad’s piggy bank…two broken down guns…a tool set.  Everything was boyish…nothing was really girlish.

Then when we last got together, the girls asked it anyone wanted some old tea set they think his mom got from her brother when he was overseas.  Comments were made about who would want that ugly green set.  Someone thought it was an antique but no one  knew.  They just knew that none of them wanted it.  We didn’t know what it looked like but Hubby looked at me and I smiled.  I try really hard to be as quiet and un-opinionated around his sisters so Hubby said he’d love to have it…he knew I wanted something “girly” as a keepsake.

The set is in VERY poor shape.  Both of the cups have cracks.

There is a chip in the creamer.

The handle of the teapot is gone.

If in good shape, I am told that these would be worth money.  They are Buffalo Pottery or Deldare Ware.  It really makes no never mind to me what they are or if they are even worth any money.  In fact, his sister suggested we take them and get them appraised…I can’t image why.  For me, they are priceless and are my thing from his mom.  I could careless what they are worth and I am not interested in selling them.

The collection is so much like her…The are old fashion, they are chipped around the edges and even have some cracks but if a person can over look all of that, there is  truly a priceless beauty there.  Hubby’s mom was a priceless beauty.  She was kind, sharing, generous with her time, a hard worker, dedicated to her beliefs, a good cook, frugal, and sweet.  I could never have asked for a nicer mother in law.  She was always very welcoming to me and I appreciate that.  I keep the set in her old secretary…even time I pass it, I think of her.

I am real honored to be the keeper of this tea set…valuable or not.  I only hope that one day, my children can say the same of me…chipped and cracked but a priceless.

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7 thoughts on “Vintage Thursday: Grandma’s Buffalo Pottery”

  1. Lovely pieces and a great memento from your mil, I love the comparison between the tea set and your mil. I’m sure she would be pleased that you are enjoying the set. Stopping by from From My Front Porch to Yours link party.

  2. What a lovely story, Jo. I feel the same about my late MIL. She helped fill in the gaps after Mom died and I’m sure ‘Hubby’s” mom did the same for you.

  3. What a nice picture you painted of is mother. I like your prose. My husband is the baby boy of 3 sisters. He got all the dude stuff too. My mother-in-law gave me and our daughter lots of girly things before she died though. I’m glad and blessed for that. I miss her terribly.

    The tea set is so unique. I sell antiques and I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s rare for sure.

  4. I dropped in via Ivy and Elephants and have really enjoyed my visit today. Your tea set is wonderful, even if it does have a few chips and cracks. Most of us people have a few dents and dings that come from living a life well spent and using our gifts to the fullest. It appears that the user of your tea set lived that kind of life and, as evidenced by the cracks and chips, not afraid to be a little adventurous. Thanks for sharing this wonderful set with us!

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