Vintage Thursday Goodies

Over the weekend I stopped at a garage sale.  We almost didn’t stop but am glad we did as it was my kind of sale-meaning..NO CLOTHES!!

Here’s what I bought.

It’s a wooden fire chief car for Hubby…He has a collection of all things fire department and fireman related so the car is a cute addition.  For $8 is was worth the smile he gave me when he saw it.

For me I spent $2 and bought a vintage recipe box filled with hand written recipes.  You can see a notation in the corner of recipe on the right it is for some type of bars.  The notation in the upper right corner says, “ist gut”.  I am assuming that means, “Is good”.  Another recipe is for “Pfortchen Berliner”.  Any idea what language/country that is from??

I’ve been thoroughly entertained with the little box of recipe cards.  I can’t wait to finish reading all the recipes.  I am going to find one or two and try them…maybe I’ll find one that “ist gut”.  If I do, you know I’ll share it here.

Today, we are linking up with Colorado Lady  where she showcases Vintage Thingys each Thursday.

7 thoughts on “Vintage Thursday Goodies”

  1. Morning from a rainy Scotland! Have to say we need it though, been very hot and dry here for the last few weeks so the rain is very welcome.

    Your recipe cards are written in German. I don’t know a lot of that language but you’re right with the “ist gut” meaning “it’s good”. Not sure about the “Pfortchen Berliner” but it’s something Berlin…..I do recall jam doughnuts being called something like that, so it may be them (our jam doughnuts are the same as your jelly filled donuts I think). Cannot wait to hear what they are!

    Love & best wishes to you and your lovely family

    June x

  2. It’s hard to believe someone would sell a recipe box like that. I always think about my husbands grandmother when I see her recipes for rolls, corn pudding and pound cake , all written by hand.

  3. What a find! We lived in Berlin for several years, but my German is sketchy…a Berliner is a jelly donut. Ist gute is just what you thought. I’ll bet there are some awesome recipes in that box. I’d love to help translate them!
    Thanks for sharing!

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