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When I was younger, Dad worked a lot so that Mom could stay home with us kids.  Because of this, wherever mom went, us kids went with.  One time that I remember quite distinctly was grocery shopping in Decorah at Fareway.  As we were getting ready to checkout, they had a display where they were selling cookbooks for one of the local churches.

Cookbook Cover

Over the years, this cookbook has become one of our family favorites.  It seems that almost anytime I asked mom what cookbook the recipe was in, I always got the same response– “It’s in the blue cookbook!”  For the last few years, I have always told mom and my boyfriend’s mom to keep their eyes peeled for a copy at the local thrift store or Goodwill.

A few weekends ago, we were at the Depot, our favorite thrift shop, and Kayla informed me that she had found a copy of “The Blue Cookbook” and that she was going to buy it.  I quite loudly informed her that I would pay her $20.00 for it because I had been searching for a copy of it forever.  Being the wonderful, nice, loving sister that she is, she let me have it–and I only had to pay $3.00 for it!

Now you may ask why one would pay $3.00 for a used cookbook.  Well, this cookbook has a few really nice features.  Besides the great recipes, it has a the ability to “stand up” which comes in really handy when you tend to spill or splash when cooking.  It also is in a three ring binder so a person doesn’t have to worry about the binding coming out or the page jamming when you are trying to turn it.

Cookbook with Cornbread


Tonight when I was making Chili for supper, my boyfriend Jason requested cornbread to go with it.  I knew that there would be a great cornbread recipe in “The Blue Cookbook,” and boy was I right!  The cornbread was quick and easy to make and finished wonderfully.  If you’d like to make some for yourself or your special someone, I have included the recipe for “Johnny Cake” so you can make it too.

2 eggs

1 cup milk

3/4 cup sugar

1 1/2 cup flour

3 T oil

1 1/4 cup cornmeal

1 1/2 t baking powder

Beat eggs, sugar, and oil.  Add milk, flour, and baking powder.  Add cornmeal in last.  Place in a greased 8 x 11-inch baking dish.  Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes.

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3 thoughts on “Vintage Thingy Thursday–St. Al’s Cookbook”

  1. Great features in a cookbook, well worth the search. Our family has a fav although it doesn’t have the stand up ability. But I found a reading stand that works..

  2. Becky (central oregon)

    before fabric took over my life I used to collect used and new cookbooks…
    Hubby could not figure it out…. we had cookbooks stacked bed high and everywhere and he saw me reading them but could never say he had ever seen me cook with one…
    congratulations on the find

  3. Those church cookbooks are my favorite! I have several and I usually buy them when I see them at thrift stores. Some of the best recipes I’ve ever tasted have come from those!

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