Vintage Thingy Thursday–My New Friend, Ralphycat!

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This past weekend, Mom, Dad, Karl, Kalissa and I made the trip a couple hours north to attend my cousin’s graduation party.  We had planned on stopping at a few places in Mason City and for once, I was faster that was expected.  I was still always the last one in the truck as I tend to get a bit distracted, but we had a bit of extra time to stop at a few antique stores.  We found some really neat treasures.  My find of the day is my new friend Ralphycat!

RalphycatWhen I picked it up, I was a bit confused as to what it was and just assumed that it was a little stuffed dog.  When I checked out the price tag, it said that it was a tape measure.  What I found out was that the tongue pulls out to reveal a tape measure.

Ralphycat TongueI’ve never seen anything quite like it, but I really am glad that I found it!  As for the name–that’s quite the story.  After I named my dog “Puppycat” my dad was slightly confused.  He then informed me that if I am to ever have children, he needs to pre-approve the name as he doesn’t trust my naming skills.  He went on to say that if I named my future child a name that he wasn’t fond of, he would either be calling them Ralph or Ralphette.  Because my mom calls me Kelli-Cat, it seemed that Ralphycat would be the perfect name!

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