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A couple Thursdays ago, Mom told you all about the auction that we attended.  I’ve gone to a few auctions over the years with her and dad, but never really been moved to purchase anything and the one time that I did, I was too scared to do it so I made mom bid for me.

Anyway–When we got to the auction and were looking around, I didn’t see too much that I was interested in, but I knew that there were a few thing that mom wanted.  I started looking around and did some people watching (one of my favorites) and my eyes locked on a cookie jar.  To anyone else, it might look like a goofy owl thing, but I knew exactly what it was–A cookie jar!  A few weeks prior, I was at my mother-in-laws and she showed me a cookie jar that she had that belonged to my father-in-law’s parents.  I knew that I wanted it right away!

Because I tend to be a bit tight about certain things, I decided that I wasn’t going to spend more than $20.00 on it.  After a few things that had the possibility of being sentimental to the family started going a bit high, I decided that I really, really wanted to up my top bid.  i settled on $50.00, but after talking to mom, she reminded me that most of the time, people give themselves a hard and fast limit of a common number ($20.00, $50.00. $100.00) so if you bid even $5.00 above, you can sometimes get the item–And really, what’s $5.00?

So I started bidding (mom told me she wouldn’t do it for me this time) and it was going up pretty quick and it seemed that a few of the family members were bidding.  I was getting a bit scared I wouldn’t get it, but I prevailed and ended up purchasing it for $50.00!  I was so excited, proud of myself, and slightly high on adrenaline!

Owl Cookie Jar--Final


While we were there, I also found a nutcracker set identical to the one that my Grandpa used to have for $5.00.  I was pretty fortunate that there were 3 nutcracking tools and 3 pickers that came with it.  I was joking with mom that we should stop at the grocery store on our way home to get some nuts for it.  She informed me that they may not have them because they are out of season…and that when I did find them, they would probably be twice what I paid for the nutcracker set….Boo!

Nutcracker Final


This week we are linking up with Colorado Lady.  Check out other vintage items at Vintage Thingy Thursday!

5 thoughts on “Vintage Thingy Thursday–Kelli’s Finds”

  1. I am in the process of clearing out a house from an estate. I just moved that exact same nutcracker from the china cupboard yesterday. I think it is funny how these things happen. His had all sorts of picks that went in the center. I would guess just one of the crackers goes in the larger holes.

  2. I love auctions! They are very addictive. I got 4 huge tubs of fabric last weekend at the auction I went to plus a “lot” of Longaberger baskets and a Bernina sewing machine. A nice pick for sure. The cookie jar is neat.

  3. No auctions in my area…on a small island. I remember the nut holder and nut crackers sitting on the hearth when I was growing up. I wonder if my 82 year old mom still has them? I’ll check when I’m with her in a week or two.

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