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Sunday I drove over to the vintage sale I go to in the Spring and Fall with Twisted Sisters. The sale started on Saturday and I would have gone then but, I had a bridal shower. I got back in time that I could have gone in the very late afternoon but they typically rest between Saturday and Sunday so I thought it might be smarter to go when they opened on Sunday.

I don’t need a thing but I do enjoy going. I just love their style and the goodies they find. It’s totally up my alley. They always have quilts and vintage linens.

They typically have bought a collection of something…one year it was Raggedy Ann and Andys. This year it

was salt and pepper shakers. This was only one display of them. There was another almost as large.

What had me really wanting to go was this preview picture…

See that little side dresser in the picture? I was really interested in that. I have antique walnut furniture in my bedroom and for years I have been looking for a nightstand. I was wondering if that might be small enough to work for that. I had my spot measured and planned to buy it if it was the right size. Sadly, it had sold.

I had also seen this in preview pictures too. Oh man, I loved it. It is perfectly me. You can see one door is missing. I don’t mind. I would have taken the other door off. I would have added another shelf. Oh…I loved it. It was too wide for the spot in the kitchen I had in mind. UGH.

I wish I had known the name or email of a blog reader who some time ago wanted the jar you see below with the red knob. They had several of them there. Ila gifted me two some ago and I love mine. She had commented on mine and was looking for some. They had them. If you’re the blog reader and are reading this, I’m sure you can contact them and check to see if they would ship them. Here is another one….

I love all things wood…these three big pieces caught my eye.

I thought about these lockers for my son Buck’s house but they were too tall.

I always look for vintage picture frames to possibly put my cross stitch in. They had lots but none that I was going to buy without a specific piece in mind. I thought of Mary of Country Threads when I saw some of these. I know she collects antique dog pictures.

This is just a tiny sampling. They had MANY more pictures.

The picture below was AWESOME. It was actually cross-stitched. I so wished I would have had a place for it. It was amazing work!! I think it was only $9!!

So what did I buy?? The little Holly Hobby cross stitch. I also got this big number line from a school classroom. A teacher added the 1/2″ and 1/8″ marks on it. I thought it would be good for the sewing room where we are always using 1/4″ seams. I already found a spot for it.

I didn’t buy much but that’s okay. The fun is going. I so love going.

You can see LOTS more pictures from the sale on The Twisted Sister’s Facebook Page. They take their sale on the road throughout Iowa and in southern Minnesota. You can see where they will be…Here is the link.

I used to like taking someone with me on adventures like this but I’m getting so I like to go by myself. I can take as long as I want…look through the strangest things if I want. Consider things that are far-fetched…I ended up having a great time even though I didn’t buy much.

By the way, my friend Gloria went on Saturday and she said it was a zoo. It was WAY crowded and people were moving furniture out right and left and it was impossible to shop. I am glad I went on Sunday!!

7 thoughts on “Vintage Sale Review”

  1. I, too, prefer antique shopping and quilt show gazing by myself. For the exact same reasons. I can dilly-dally or speed through, No waiting or meeting up somewhere. Take as long as I want or move on. I am glad you had such a good time doing your own thing!

    1. Jo, last year you posted about The Twisted Sisters sales. I contacted them about an item I saw in one of the photos and was told that they don’t ship
      I was so disappointed. Someday I might make it to one of their sales. It looks like so much fun.

      1. They sell in large quantities. Both of the gals have full-time jobs and do junking. I’m sure it would be hard for them to ship.

  2. Jo, last year you posted about The Twisted Sisters sales. I contacted them about an item I saw in one of the photos and was told that they don’t ship
    I was so disappointed. Someday I might make it to one of their sales. It looks like so much fun.

  3. Oh my word! The eye candy is plentiful in this post! I saw so many nice things that would have tempted me. So what did I spy? Just in case you ever wonder, I saw old fans to restore, a lovely blue glass pitcher for my sister, a red transferware bowl, old box cameras, that might still work, for a son, an aqua pottery pitcher, a lovely kerosene lamp base, mason jars full of buttons, a brown crockery bowl, and it made me kinda sad to see the frame of oval family portraits that had been separated from their descendants. Would I have bought any of those things? Probably not the buttons, but I would have been hard pressed to leave the other things if they were in my price range. Thanks for taking us along. I know you put a lot of thought into posts like this one. You could have just gone and lived “in the moment”, but you didn’t. You thought of us and took pictures. It was a fun post. Blessings!

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