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Tuesday of this week Hubby had enough of the weather and the cows and this house.  He talked to his boss and we took Tuesday after morning chores and Wednesday and hit the road.

We decided to hit up some antique shops to see if we could find a couple things that we are wanting to have at the new house.

Typically when we antique, Hubby is fast and I’ll admit it, I’m a little slow.  Thankfully we weren’t in a hurry and thankfully he is pretty patient with me too.  We meandered our way through the antique mall not finding anything that we were interested in.  Then I saw a booth that had sewing goodies.  Well of course I had to stop and peek.  I looked but it was more sewing related than quilting related.  I was just about to leave the booth and catch up with Hubby when something caught my eye…..


Doll clothes patterns!!

I am a sucker for doll patterns.  I love them and I love sewing doll clothes too.  BUT these weren’t just any doll patterns.  These were the exact patterns my mom used when she sewed doll clothes for my doll and my nieces doll.

Growing up, my sister lived with her family in a trailer home on my parents place.  My sister’s oldest, Jody, is only four years younger than me-if you remember my saying this summer that my niece had breast cancer, it’s the one and same niece.  She was my best playmate growing up.

I will always remember my favorite Christmas ever.  Mom and my sister Judy bought Horsman 16′ dolls for us.  They also sewed matching clothes for them.  The clothes were amazing and they mounted them on cardboard just like if they’d bought them in town.  Then they put together a treasure hunt with clues.  At each clue we got a doll dress and the end prize was the doll.  It will always and forever be my favorite Christmas.  It was so fun.  We played with those dolls for a LONG time!!  To this day I can still remember the prints of the fabric and the colors of the doll clothes.

I told you about my dolls in this blog post…and I showed you this picture.  I still want to find one that fits this pattern.  It’s the doll in the front with the brown hair.


I did buy the patterns.  Hubby and I both laughed about it.  The original cost on the patterns were $2 and $1…I paid $5 and $6 for them.  It was worth it to bring back the special memory.  Oh, I would so like to find the doll….someday-someday I’ll find her.

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  1. HEY, the baby doll on the right is the one that I had as a child…she is in our garage somewhere…waiting for a grand baby to play with her!! haha She may be waiting forever….haha

  2. I don’t know exactly what you are wanting or needing for you house, but there is a huge place here in Paullina that reclaims doors, windows, drawer pulls, etc. from old buildings before they are torn down. It is called ND Millwerk Salvage and Sales, 712-949-9375. They might even have a website. Their last name is Werkmeister, hence the ‘werk’ in the business name. Cute doll clothes patterns!

  3. oh i am sewing from 9753 as we speak. the granddaughters LOVE clothes for their dolls. i am also sewing one size or another–i have 8 granddughters and one more on the way. i have so many old old patterns. i don’t consider them antiques, i think of them as treasures………

  4. I have those patterns too. I gave my daughter my doll and we made a couple of them for “Baby Tender Love.” She loves that doll as much as I did (do). We also made some matching outfits for my daughter and her doll. She’s big now (14–I can’t believe it). I also have a bunch of barbie patterns like the ones my mom made me. We made a couple of them, too. Now I can’t decide if I should sell them or wait for grandkids??? With my novel writing I haven’t been sewing as much? Advice?

    Thanks for sharing your memories :)

    ~ Tam Francis ~

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