Villa Rosa Blog Hop: It’s MY Day!!!

Hello.  It’s finally my day for the Villa Rosa blog hop.  Today is the last day of the hop and I’m so glad that I am one of the last blogs for you to visit.

I am sharing this day with a few other bloggers so make sure to hop over there too.

Julie at
ME!!!  at
Cindy at

I do want to introduce myself a bit as lots of new people are here.  I’m an Iowa girl…I grew up a farmer’s daughter in Minnesota and eventually became a farmer’s wife in NE Iowa.  We had five kids and sadly at age 57, he passed away.  My grown kids are very much still a part of my life as are the 10 grandchildren.  I write about all of them here in the blog.

I write about everything and anything…mostly quilting, cross stitching, fostering dogs, charity quilting, my kids and grandkids, thrifting, widowhood, gardening, books..just about anything that comes up in my day.  I’m chatty and consider all of my readers friends.  I try to keep you caught up with things through two blog posts a day…one morning blog post and one evening blog post every single day…

So that means if you’re ever bored and on your computer or device, you can just type in and I’ll be there with something new.  If you prefer, I can come to you in your email via a newsletter.  If that’s interesting to you feel free to sign up to receive it.  It’s in the right-hand column of this post.

I hope you enjoy your stop off here and decide to visit regularly.

If you were here last week, I gave you a teaser of my quilt…here was the teaser photo.

The quilt is done now…and I’m ready to show it off…Here it is…
But let’s roll back a bit and let me tell you about how this all came about for me to be with the blog hop.  I was reading my email back in November when a message came from Villa Rosa asking me if I would be interested in participating in the blog hop.  I said yes.

Sometime later each of us in the hop was sent these five patterns.  Here they are…

If you aren’t familiar with Villa Rosa designs, they all come on a postcard.  The designs are made to be simple patterns often using fat quarters or other precuts.  There are several different designers but they are all printed and marketed through the parent name Villa Rosa.
I immediately knew this one, Nantucket was my favorite.

I immediately grabbed my bucket of Kaffee prints and started cutting.  The pattern calls for fat quarters, but you all know I’m a bit of a rebel and don’t do things traditionally so I pulled scraps of all shapes and parts and cut my quilt out.  I used strips, I used leftovers, and anything was game.  It makes a pretty small quilt so I decided to cut enough to make the quilt a little bigger.
The pattern called for it to be in a 5×6 setting.  I made mine in a 6×6 setting.

I cut the binding strips the same day.  I cut random scraps into 2 1/4″ as that’s my preferred binging strip width.

I sewed the top together in less than a day.

I prepped a backing the week later and then squeezed in some machine quilting time.  Then it was binding time.

I used my Third-Hand Binding tool to prep my binding.  I absolutely love it.

It’s so easy to use.  Just advance your fabric through it and iron as you go.  No more burning your fingers!!

If you are new here, you might like to watch a video I made showing how the Third Hand Binding Tool works.  You can click play and watch the video here or you can go to Youtube HERE and save the video to watch later.

In no time flat you’ll have your pieces ready to go.  If you are interested in a binding tool or any of the other Heather of Purple Hobbies makes, you can enjoy her 20% discount coupon for you.  If you go to her site, Purple Hobbies (HERE is the link) you can get 20% off anything you buy if you use the code JoSentMe.  (type it in as all one word)

If you keep reading to the end of the post, I have some great news.  Heather will be offering up one of her Third Hand Binding tools as a prize for one lucky blog reader who enters to win.  You can pick out the color you’d like and she will get it shipped off to you.  YAHOO!!

Here are my binding strips all ready to go.  No fingers weren’t burnt in the process!  HA!

I went with this variegated thread to sew down my binding.

I bind by machine.

You can watch this video I made to show you how I machine bind.  Just push play to watch the video here or you can click THIS LINK, save it and watch it later.

I just love the colors in this quilt!!

So are you ready to see a closer picture of it finished…enough teasing, here it is.

What a burst of color!!  I think the pattern Nantucket is great for large print fabrics.

The quilt is made up of three easy blocks…
One is plain, a four-patch and square with borders.  How easy is that??

It’s dreary winter here so seeing this bright quilt makes me smile.

I used a sheet for the back.  If you’re new here I wrote a whole block post about the true confessions about me using sheets for the backing.  You can read that HERE.

I used a Stitched by Susan quilting motif that is new to me.  I couldn’t find the link to it but Susan is an awesome resource for quilting videos.  You can find her Youtube channel HERE.

Here is that scrappy border.

Such a brightly colored beauty!

Here are my blog mascots, Rosie and Izzy showing off the quilt…

I couldn’t decide which picture I liked better so included two.

As many of you know, I’ve been working on a “use your scraps” series on Youtube.  I want to take the time to remind you that even though a pattern like this one calls for fat quarters, you can check the sizes of the pieces needed and you can go to your scrap basket first.  That’s what I do and look, the quilt turned out just fine.  It really helps that I used all fabrics from Kaffee.

This quilt is going in my to-be-donated pile.  I make lots of quilts for causes or benefits that are meaningful to me.  This will be perfect for that.

I have some giveaways happening on the blog here today.  To enter you need to follow the rules.  So here are the details.

Giveaway #1 is for

the Third Hand Binding Tool from Heather at Purple Hobbies.  They are a U.S.-made company…I love that!!  You can find their website HERE.  Please follow this link to see the color and size options then leave a comment telling me if you win, what color, and what size you want.  By size, it means what size of strips you cut if you are making a binding.

**Also remember, If you go to her site, Purple Hobbies (HERE is the link) you can get 20% off anything you buy if you use the code JoSentMe.  (type it in as all one word)

Giveaway #2 is a set of quilt-themed cards donated by my daughter Kalissa.  She has an Etsy shop that has all sorts of quilting and cross-stitch T-shirts.  She’s expanded to add stationery and a few other things.  You can find her shop HERE.

Besides those prizes there will also be these…

Each blogger will be giving away a set of the Blog Hop Patterns.

Each blogger will select 2 people to go into the drawing for the 2 big prize boxes that are being given away with lots of awesome goodies from the blog hop sponsors which include books, precuts, notions, fat quarter bundles, and more.

Each blogger will select 3 more winners who will each be awarded some kind of fun prize

It might be a set of precuts, a bundle of fat quarters, a book, or other quilty goodies.  Some bloggers will be doing their own giveaways on their blogs at the same time.

The blog Hop welcomes international guests.  If any international folks win, they will win a digital Blog Hop pattern set.


I’ll close this post by giving you a list of the previous day’s blog hop participants.  I know several of you have had trouble leaving a comment at some places.  That was supposed to get fixed.  Feel free to hop around and try leaving a comment…remember to “Jo Sent Me”….that’s the same code to the discount at Purple Hobbies.  HA!!  Have a great day.

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381 thoughts on “Villa Rosa Blog Hop: It’s MY Day!!!”

  1. Jo, thank you so much for the binding video-loved the cute baby girl quilt. Also the Kaifeng quilt on the porch is gorgeous. I’ll be back to your site, you’re kind & very down to earth, I ❤️ that about you!
    Thank you, any color works for me! Cheers, Sadie

  2. Lou Ann Ann Johnston

    Your quilt is beautiful. An excellent pattern for preachy or scraps. I use 2 1/4 inch binding royal blue color for the third hand.

  3. I would not be choosy about a color at all! What size would be most useful though? I mostly make baby quilts, bedspreads and occasional runners. And thanx for the discount code too!

  4. Your Nantucket with the Kaffe fabrics was so inspiring. Love your bright colors in this pattern. I am going to subscribe to your blog.. looks very interesting.
    Orange binder helper. & 2.5 inch size.
    Thank you from a farm in South Dakota

  5. I love your Fassett quilt. It is is so fun to look at. The colors make me so happy. I love your blog and never miss a post! Thank you for the opportunity to win one of the fun prizes. If I win, I would like the 2.25” and in berry for color. Thank you Jo!

  6. As always love your blog, your bright fabrics. Have just started to do my binding by machine because we need the QOV quilts to present to church veterans and have gone to a 2 1/4″ strip and am really liking the looks.
    So glad all the Grands are in good health, so glad Gannon is doing good he has had more than any little boy should have to go through.
    Any color of third hand in the 2 1/4size would be great
    Keep up the crazy pace with quilts, cross stitch, kids, grandkids and 2 blogs a day

    Have a box that I’m going to send , would send it to the baby lady (flannel and t shirt) but last time I checked her site on you site it said she was not taking stuff.

  7. 2.5 size is what I use most, purple is always a great color, third hand binding toolis great and Melissa’s card are so cute. Love your version of VRD pattern. I’ve been collecting these cards for many years it’s time to start using them.
    I’ve been following your blog for many years.

  8. I like the Berry color in the 2.25 size–Thanks for the chance–I have been reading and enjoying your blog for a long time!

  9. Magenta or marble in 2 & 1/2.
    Nice quilt with great colors. Anyone will be thrilled to get it. Wonderful of you to donate so many of your quilts and your time. Blessings to you.

  10. I would choose an orange 2.25″ binding tool. Her binding wheel also looks interesting. I like the mix of KF fabrics in your quilt.

  11. thanks Jo, your quilt really is cheery and bright! i would choose forest green at 2.25. thanks again for the giveaway and for all your emails. i love hearing from you.

  12. Gorgeous colorful quilt, Jo! Anyone getting it in an auction or benefit will be well pleased. I know I would be!

    I would like a pink binding making tool if I were to be lucky to win.

  13. Wow Jo so many comments! Happy to see so many happy stitchers. Love the quilt it was the one that stood out for me, probably as I was gifted 20 Kaffe Fassett fat quarters, lucky me. Would it be easy to enlarge the 3 blocks to create a much larger quilt? Would love a lime green 2.5 binding tool if I am the lucky one.
    My husband was watching me reading your blog and he wanted to know what turned my smile into a grin? Well it was Rosie and Izzy of course. Both of them looking very happy to sit and pose.

  14. Your quilt is absolutely stunning with all your bright Kaffe fabrics! If I win, I would like a 2.5” purple binding tool.
    Thank you for participating in the Blog Hop. It’s been fun looking at all the websites too!

  15. I would love the aqua\teal one in 2.25. Thanks for the chance to win and thanks for sharing a really pretty quilt with us all.

  16. Linda Heckathorn

    When the blog first started, I did not choose the Nantucket pattern. But you have sold me on this pattern for my stash. I really like your quilt. I have used sheets before too. Thank you for all the additional information you have provided. If my name is drawn, I would like a red, 2.5 Third Hand Tool. Thank you for the links also.

  17. Jo sent me ha ha! Love your quilt. I’m usually too conservative and scared to mix that many big bold prints. Since I already have a 2-1/4 purple binding tool, I’ll go with a blue 2-1/2” this time.


  18. Your quilt is beautiful. Given a choice, I would like the 2 1/2” binding tool in magenta, please. Thank you.

  19. Hi. If I win the binding tool, I would appreciate purple. Or green. Or blue. The all look marvelous. I make binding strips at 2 1/2 “. Btw, I love scrappy bindings, and yours is just perfect on the Kaffe quilt.

  20. What a fantastic quilt!!! Inspiring me to get out of my quiet fabric comfort zone. I look forward to your blog posts an am astonished by how much you accomplish between quilting, cross stitch, family and fostering. 2.5 in magenta please

  21. Hi Jo! I’m new to your blog, I’ve just become a new follower. I love your Kaffe quilt, it’s so bright and happy. I really like the third hand and would love to try it. Normally I’m a 2.5 girl but so many people lately are using 2.25 so I think I’d like to give it a try…in yellow, please!

  22. I would love to have the 3rd hand binding tool in Lime Green (easier to find when I misplace it.)
    I love scrappy bindings, I have one on the quilt on my bed right now.

  23. What a fun bright quilt someone will be gifted with your generous donation somewhere. I love Villa Rosa patterns! I have never seen that binding tool, sure could use one as I make lots of bindings. A purple 2.25″ would be perfect!!

  24. I love Villa Rosa Patterns! And thank you for the chance to win a binding tool in purple for 2.5 inch binding. I have followed your blog for years and feel like I have a friend who loves all the things I do! Thanks for sharing your life.

  25. Gayle in Tennessee

    Love the quilt done in Kaffe fabrics! I would love to win an orange 2.5 inch binding tool. Thanks so much for your blog. Love reading it every day.

  26. 2 1/2 teal, you know I love your blog. I love your new quilt too! I hope you and your family are well, you are always in my prayers.

  27. Thanks, Jo. Your quilt looks like fun. I’d like yellow at 2and a half. Rosie and Izzy really helped the quilt look great,

  28. Patricia Boelens

    Oh! I’d love 2 1/4 in Orange! That way I won’t lose it in my assorted ironing bits. Thank you so much Jo for all the happy quilting you share. Have a great day!

  29. Beautiful quilt today. I love all the bright colors.
    I would like a 2.25″ 3rd hand in white. Thank you for doing this quilt along.

  30. Susan aka paintermom63

    I LOVE your quilt!!! I am a “more is more” gal myself and I love Kaffe Fassett prints. I may have to crib your idea.

    If I win, I would like a 2.5” in Berry, please. Your daughter’s cards are delightful, too!

  31. Hi Jo, truly enjoy your blog. You have inspired me so many times
    Royal blue or a bright purple binding tool for 2 1/2″ binding would be my preference .
    Thank you

  32. I have followed your blog for a long time. I am trying to get back on your email list because I am so bad about remembering to visit on my own. I would like a marble 2.25″ if I should win. Thank you!

  33. Should I win the binding tool I would like the bright blue for 2.25 inch strips. Thanks for the chance in the drawings!

  34. Such a gorgeous quilt, Jo! If I would be so lucky, I’d like the 2.5″ binding tool in gray marble (3HMarble.) Thanks!!

  35. Wonderful post, Jo. Izzy is photo’ing much better in some recent pictures…..was a sweetheart. I’m a green girl…….2.25″ :)

  36. Nantucket was my favorite pattern of this group. Glad to see your version as it is so cheery and bright. I don’t have a preference for color and use 2 1/2″ binding. Thanks for the discount code. I love the Villa Rosa designs because they fit on a post card so I can put them in a photo album to keep them all together and they are simple and fast to put together. I already am a reader of your blog and enjoy it very much.

  37. I love your blog and have enjoyed the blog hop. For the third hand binding tool I use 2.25 inch fabric and love the berry color.

  38. Melodye Protsman

    Jo sent me!!! Love your version of S’witched and your whole post. You put a lot of time into it and if I never saw your blog before I would certainly be back for another look.

  39. Jo, my favorite color is bright yellow so that would be my choice of binder tool. Size? 2.25”. Love following along on your blog.

  40. Oh goodness. There are so many fun colors for the binding tool! Color? Surprise me? Berry? Starry Night? Yellow so I don’t lose it?!? Size? Probably 2.5″.
    Thank you for participating and for offering additional prizes. I’ve enjoyed browsing your blog.

  41. Hi, Jo. As always I love your quilt. Nantucket was not my favorite (Snow Goose is my favorite), but you always have such a unique view of the color and motion in the quilt that it just comes alive. Your quilts always shine. If I were selected, I would like a green 1.125 inch tool. I have a project that I have been putting off because it needs a narrow binding. Thanks to all the bloggers for having us as guests.

  42. I love KFC fabrics, and LOVE your quilt! And your pups are adorable, too. If I win the 3rd hand binding tool, I choose the 2.25″ magenta model. Thanks!

  43. Jo, thank you for participating and sending us to the other blog hop owners. It was fun to see other blogs and read the content. Sadly, blogger doesn’t want me to post, so I couldn’t comment everywhere but I did what I could. I would really like to figure that out. I don’t remember ever joining Blogger but it seems to think I have, yet still won’t let me comment.

    Anyway, if I am a lucky winner, I’d like the 2.5″ size in blue.

    Thank you again so much.

  44. A great blog and quilt. I like the blue binding tool in 2.5 inch. I will go over to here website and check things out.

  45. The royal blue and 2.5 would be my choices.
    I love the way you made this pattern your own….so creative and bright.

  46. I have been following your blog for over a year now and enjoy it very much. I appreciate the coupon to Purple Hobbies and used it to purchase a couple of items from that site. Your entry into the Hop is gorgeous. Thanks for being a part of the Hop.

  47. Hi Jo! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous Kaffe quilt, and for the chance to win goodies! I would like the magenta third hand tool, and whatever size would be appropriate for 2.5″ binding. I love your blog as always! Brenda

  48. I love your quilt and have Kaffee fabrics and have a pile sitting out right now. I’m trying to decide on a pattern. I would pick a Berry color, 2 1/4″ binding tool. It looks like it could save lots of time. Thanks for sharing Jo, I read your blog every day and so enjoy everything you share!!

    1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, bright, and cheerful quilt on a cold winter morning! I love that you create & then share it with others in need.
      I would use an orange 2 1/2 inch third hand.
      Cheers from Tumbleweed Acres!

  49. Your Nantucket Kaffe quilt turned out beautiful. I have a bunch of those Kaffe fat quarters that is sitting around since I didn’t like how they looked in the original quilt I had planned. You provided a great idea. Thank you for all the tutorials and patterns you provide. I looked at them many times in the past. The Third Hand binding tool is a handly accessory. I would like the orange one if I am the lucky winner.

  50. I love your Nantucket quilt. I love all the quilts you have shared over the years.
    The binding tool – 2 1/2 in Royal Blue.
    Please hug the dogs for me!

  51. You sent me! I’d go with Berry at 2.5″. I love your quilt. The Nantucket pattern is my favorite. I did a quilt with the same bright Kaffe colors a few years ago and they’re just so much fun. I actually still need to quilt it. Yikes! Thanks for the reminder.

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