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Someone told me that I don’t show enough on the blog about Buck.  I’ve told you that he tends to be a little more private so I respect that and don’t share a lot of pictures of Buck.

Recently Buck has been sending the family videos.  He puts together a bunch of video clips together into one longer video and (I know I”m totally bias) they are so funny.  Even with the little clips, the videos are typically under 3 minutes.

The other day I said to Kalissa, I wish he’d let me share them on the blog.  Kalissa said well just ask him…so when I last saw him I asked if I could please share a couple of videos that he sends us.  He said yes and I was so happy.  The videos really are cute.

Here is one when he took the kids and picked a bouquet of flowers with the kids.  You should be able to click the play button and watch.  If you can’t, I’m guessing you are an email subscriber.  You’ll have to come directly to to get to the post to watch.

No worries…Lilly didn’t hurt herself with the scissors.

This one was so cute to hear Lilly giggling…

In this one, Buck did a video of his rendition of potato salad.  He’s the main cook at their house so he has sent us quite a few cooking videos.  They are so cute.  I laugh through them.

It’s so funny as it was only a couple of years ago that he called and asked me how to make potato salad.  I love that he’s taken my recipe and made it his own.  I’m hoping one day his kiddo will call for his recipe and he’ll send them the video…then leave his child to make their own take on the recipe.

HERE is my potato salad recipe.  My recipe came from my mom and I made it my own.  She typically didn’t add any mustard and I do.

One thing we all have in common is that we do put in a little sugar…and we like our potato salad dry.

Now if you want to see more videos from Buck, leave LOTS of comments in the comment section so I can prove to him that I was right and you do like the silly videos!!

I know I love them but as I said, I’m biased.


54 thoughts on “Videos with Buck”

  1. Gloria Frerichs

    Good morning Jo – yes I loved the videos! What a great way to keep track of Buck and his family. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Yes please more of Buck and his family. Lily’s giggle had me laughing along too. The only difference in my potato salad is I toss in sourcream too when I’m low on mayo. It makes a little more noise but not sloppy. I like the way Buck measures stuff. It reminds me of my mom.

  3. Love them! Interesting and fun to watch. Adorable children. I have 2 sons that love to cook. Thank Buck for sharing.

  4. Oh! I loved Buck’s potato salad video! I can see why your family has such fun when you all get together!

    Tell him he could start a blog on cooking and we will follow him!

    Keep it real Buck! I love it!

  5. Buck is a natural with his commentary … “Cook your potatoes not al dente, but some dente – moderate dente.” LOL! The recipe sounds delicious, except perhaps for the Worcestershire sauce – I’ve never used that in potato salad…. AND … as my mom used to say, “He is easy on the eyes!” ;-) MORE recipes from Buck, please!!! He could give Alton Brown a run for his money with the sciency bits – add oil to break the surface tension.

  6. Delightful! I love it when my kids send videos, especially since we live so far away. It helps to feel part of their lives.

  7. Delightful! I love it when my kids send videos, especially since they live so far away. It helps to feel part of their lives.

  8. YES, more videos Buck. I also use Worcester sauce in my potato salad, it adds just a special flavor. I watched him adding the salt and about died! My hubby has high BP and the amount Buck used in the potato salad is what I normally use in about a week. Seeing all his hair made me want to touch it, it’s so thick. So, yes, please, more videos.

  9. Christina Coats

    Brilliant Buck and laughing lilly. .what a combination. Lovèeeeeeee Bucks voice , more please. Ooh if only you could can Lilles laugh. They lifted my day Thank you from the UK. More please.

  10. Margaret Miller

    Love the video! Lilly’s laugh reminds me of my little 18 month old g -daughter. Don’t you just love your grown children. Expecting more of Buck and the “rebels” after this fine debut.

  11. I loved the videos! All of them. Littles giggles are the best and bring cheer to any day. Heaven knows we need more cheer in this world.

  12. Love the videos from Buck! Who doesn’t love to hear a child laughing?! I love the measuring and descriptive terms used in the potato salad video. :)

  13. Sue in Westminster, MD

    How could anyone not like Buck’s videos? They are wonderful! Love him with the kids and the recipe one is great too; useful as well as entertaining! Thanks for brightening our day!

  14. Loved the videos!! Laughing grandkids….what’s not to love?! I don’t make potato salad much any more but will have to try adding Worcestershire sauce next time!

  15. Yes, more videos of Buck and his family, please. He made me hungry for potato salad. That’s what’s for supper with ham slices. the kids are so cute. Good to see his part of your familly.

  16. Yes, more Buck videos! A child’s giggle always makes fun viewing. Sharing his potato salad recipe is awesome. His kids will be able to refer to it forever.

    Thanks for asking him, Jo, and Buck, thanks for saying yes!

  17. So cute! This channel needs more Buck video!!! (should hear MORE COW BELL!). Also, I cut the potatoes into the bite size pieces before I boil them, so they don’t have to cook as long and don’t have to wait for them to cool to dice. My sauce uses cooked eggs yolks, mustard, vinegar, sugar, Miracle Whip from the church cookbook. Crowd pleaser for sure, have to make some for Labor Day weekend gathering. Looking forward to family time.

  18. That is a thumbs up on Buck, children and cooking videos. The giggle is infectious — definitely made me smile. Videos to be treasured!!

  19. I’d be happy to see more Buck videos. He has a great sense of humor, doesn’t he? And of course the kids are cuties!

  20. Definitely more Buck videos! He is so cute and such a great Dad, I can tell. And doesn’t it make you feel good when your sons like to cook?

  21. Cheryl in St. Paul

    I think Perhaps the world needs more Buck! We want Buck!

    Never fear, we love your blog posts and you’ll forever be my favorite blogger!

  22. Love the flower picking and the beautiful arrangement he made. Loved the part of Lilly spending time with Dad. Will be great for her Wedding Video!!. Buck cooks like my Husband. He always has food in his beard to. Just part of their taste testing. Love the info of the Big Kids and the Little Kiddos. Keep them coming.

  23. Love the videos! I used to get them occasionally from my daughter’s family but for some reason it doesn’t work for her anymore. That is so great that he includes you in his family life!

  24. Loved the videos! I bet your family looks forward to getting videos from Buck. What a neat way to stay in touch when you can’t visit as often as you would like. Dare I say….I never realized how much Buck and Karl look alike. They take after their father!!

  25. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Fun videos from Buck!! Definitely like the way he cooks and would love to see more of his recipes and the kiddos…maybe he can teach his kids to cook on video??!!

  26. Oh my! I vote for more “instructional” videos from Buck. He is a natural at it! I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a recipe video more!

  27. I rarely watch videos due to poor internet but do enjoy the photos.

    I would like to thank you for respecting your children’s wishes when it comes to their privacy. I’m a very private person and cautious about posting photos of my daughter or too much information on social media.

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