Veteran’s Day

Today is Veteran’s Day in the USA.  It’s a day we honor all those who have served our country through military service.

My Dad was a WWII veteran.  He very much down played his service.  For several years he had a farm deferment working for a lady on her farm.  He was also in business school at the Minnesota School of Business prior to being drafted in 1945.

While Dad was in basic training at Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Chicago, the war ended.  He never saw combat.  He was stationed in Minnesota at Fort Snelling where he worked on sending out discharge notices.

Here he is in his white Navy uniform….

In 1946, Dad was discharged.

The time serving was memorable to Dad.  I remember him telling stories about not knowing how to swim and getting thrown into Lake Michigan.  Dad said it was literally “sink or swim”.  I remember his telling stories what when you get in a tough situation, you soon learn that the color of someone’s skin doesn’t matter.

Like I said, Dad downplayed his service.  Being he didn’t see combat I think he felt like he wasn’t “one of the guys” who deserved to be recognized.  I disagree.  I’ve always been proud of my Dad and thankful for his involvement.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve see how my dad could feel that way but I’ve also learned enough to know that people in combat need good people behind them.  Behind every front man are many others working to support them.  Everyone can’t be the front man.

No matter when or how a veteran serves, as long as it’s honorable, they deserve to be recognized.  So Dad…Happy Veteran’s Day.

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  1. There is no doubt that “all” our veterans need to be recognized. We have a very large family and have had lots of veterans through the years. They are what saved our country and had the backing of the “home folks”. I remember we had a “victory” garden during WW2 . Our family have always been big on gardens and the tradition continues. Thank you, Jo for continuing to keep posting so we keep up with your family.
    Prayers for you all every day through all your trials and all your family times. Family is what is important. My daughter and I laugh about your thrift store escapades but surely wish we had some thrift stores like you seem to find. Keep on keepin’ on.

  2. My Dad was exactly as you described. He was proud of being in the military but whenever I have asked too much, he completely downplays his part. I also think because he never saw combat. He is a very humble man.

  3. My dad did not serve in the military during WWII. He was a chemist for Alcoa & had a deferment because of his job. Many times he would say he felt bad about not serving—-especially since his cousin was killed at Pearl Harbor & my mom’s 5 brothers served.
    My mom said there were MANY weeks where she would only see him for a couple of hours a week when he would come home to quickly shower & change clothes. He slept at his office a lot during the war.
    So many men & women had important jobs that did not involve combat, but were needed to support those on the front lines.
    I always reminded him that he was doing a very important job for the war effort.

  4. My dad joined the Air Force as a plane mechanic for the Korean War. Decades later, he and Mom were at the National Air and Space Museum annex in Virginia. They had a plane on display that very well might have been one he worked on. The staff was terrific. They let him get right up to the plane, everything but climb into the cockpit. I’ve always thought that was a wonderful way to honor a veteran.

  5. Thanks to your father for his service. We are all so blessed for the men and women who served to make us free. Some saw front line service and others performed important jobs behind the scenes. It is all service to our country for which we are thankful.

  6. What a wonderful memory of your father. An interesting side note…you can really see your daughters took after him and I also see Carver’s smile!

  7. Your dad was very handsome! Beautiful smile! My dad was in the Army and served in Korea. He met my mother in Japan and I am half Japanese. Our veterans do need to be Honors for their service especially the Vietnam veterans.

  8. You favor your dad. both of my parents were in the Navy during WWII. My Dad was POW in Japan for 42 months. They married after the war. My BIL retired from the US Army and both my husband and I were on active duty and in the reserves for the Air Force. Both of us retired. I spent 3 years on active duty and 17 years in the Reserve. And ran a business at the same time. So glad to have the benefits afforded to us. My Dad pushed Boots in Illinois after the war. I was a baby still. But your Dad was gone by then.

  9. I’m grateful that your father served Jo, there is no unimportant jobs in the service, its takes many people. My father was to young to serve but his older brother a Marine on Midway and his two sisters were Rosy the Riveters in California. The 3 of them all came home before my Uncle shipped out and they pooled there money to buy my dad his first new coat (he was only 7). Its one of the photos I treasure.

  10. Because my Papa (grandfather) was in a car accident in high school that caused a loss of consciousness, he could not join the navy for WW2 as he had wished. He joined the Merchant Marines who kept our troops supplied with food and other vital things. He was on 3 ships that were sunk by the enemy.

    My father was a Green Beret (Army Special Services) straight out of high school. Although he was recalled back into the Army (while in the Reserves) for the Cuban Missile Crisis, he did not see combat, but he was ready for it, having trained as a paratrooper and sniper.

    My big sister served as a Navy nurse-anesthesiologist on the USNS Mercy during the first Gulf War, retiring after 20+ years as a Commander. Her HH served in the Navy during the Vietnam War and continued service on nuclear subs till his retirement.

    I am eternally grateful to all who have served, and to their families who also serve and sacrifice! God bless the USA!

  11. Wow! Jo, what a handsome guy! He could have been in Hollywood. We owe much to these men who fought for our freedom. Pass my thanks to all of your relatives who sacrificed so much, it doesn’t matter what they did, everything was for the cause. God bless them all.

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