Vacuuming my Porch

If you drove my house and saw me vacuuming the cement, don’t get the misconception that I am a neat freak.  I am not.  I never have been a neat freak and never will be.  It just isn’t in my blood.  We’re a lived in look sort of people…but I admit, I was vacuuming my cement patio.


I had made a batch of Moon Sand for the kiddos to play in.  They loved it.


I will definitely be making it again-even if they do get this messy with it.

We have since laid down a few ground rules and got some new totes for keeping it cleaner so this bad of a mess isn’t likely to happen again.

If you’re never tried moon sand and you have some kids in your life, it’s time to give it a try….Here’s the recipe:

8 cups of flour
1 cup of baby oil

Mix it together and let the kids play.

My kiddos loved it.  I am inserting a youtube video so you can see what it’s like.

We made a double batch to have enough for four kids to play with.

Right now we changed it up and put Kinetic Sand in the water table but I don’t like that nearly as well.

So if you happen to drive by and see me vacuuming the porch..I really am not that neat.  Vacuuming is just the best way to clean up the moon sand.

3 thoughts on “Vacuuming my Porch”

  1. I know longer vacuum my porch. lol and I have carpet…..I close the door and window and use a leaf blower, much easier & faster for me.

  2. Try cornstarch and add an equal amount of water. It forms what looks like a solid, and you can pick it up, but then it liquefies and drips through your fingers. When you put pressure on it, it becomes hard, and when the pressure is released it goes back to a “flat” state. Great fun! And of course you’ve made your own play dough – the kind made with oil and cooked is best and lasts the longest.

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